Training After Rhabdomylosis

So I am posting this in hopes of finding others who have previously experienced Rhabdomylosis and how they go about training post-rhabdo. I am posting this a year or so post rhabdo so my description is unfortunately fuzzy.

Most information pertaining to Rhabdo is the prevention of, or cases caused from over exertion of out of shape people. Very little information involves rhabdo caused by strength/bodybuilding.

As an active 21 year old I never saw over-training as a potential issue. After my first power lifting meet i was addicted and my training intensified. My training consisted of squatting 3-4 times a week (smolov), random days on strongman activities (farmer carry, yoke, etc) and fill in the gap with push or pull days. I rested once every two weeks or so(clearly an issue). Supplement wise; i took preworkout, creatine, and whey daily.

On one particular day I was doing heavy yoke walks, farmer carry, and sled pulls. We then finished up with block pulls. I never pushed myself so hard, hardest workout of my life.

I woke up the next day stiff as a board. Literally in the most pain of my life. Imagine an entire body charley horse. Magically I waddled myself to the bathroom and my urine was black (coca cola) and incredibly foamy. Emergency room here I come.

To begin, the doctors/nurses were very caring but overall clueless.
After my bloodwork came back they said my Creatine kinese(spelling?) or cpk, level was 180,000. They said they never heard of levels so high. They had me thinking I was dying. I was put into a dialysis ready room because they were ready for me to go into kidney failure. On top of this my liver enzymes were highly elevated as well.

They immediately hooked me up to two IVs, one in each arm. My cpk levels dropped by about half daily. 7 days later they let me go when my CPK was under 10,000.
While in the hospital i was constantly monitored. I was also questioned daily on what steroids i was taking which i continually told them none.

The instructions from the doc were vague. If he could say just never workout again he would(“Use no more than bodyweight for deadlifts and squats”). I was told not to workout for 8 weeks(or so) and to drop protein, preworkout, and creatine entirely. I slowly got back into lifting and checked my CPK levels weekly with a kidney specialist.

My workouts have gradually intensified since. In the back of my head I am constantly worried about Rhabdo occuring again. After almost every workout my urine is foamy and color is yellow(not brown).
On particularly heavy squats or deadlifts I notice my urine being especially foamy. I can find no information on this.

I stay constantly hydrated and take 0 supplements(even though i miss preworkout more than anything).

So my question, is anyone else out there who has experienced rhabdomylosis and has any helpful information/tips going forward with training?

(This post is rushed i will later make edits to make a more clear timeline and description)

Well, since breakdown products of damaged muscle cells are released into the bloodstream; some of these, such as the protein myoglobin, are harmful to the kidneys and may lead to kidney failure. Sounds to me like it wouldn’t be that weird for the urine to be a bit fuzzy after working out. Just take it more easy then before, and keep working out.

Might be best to ask a real doctor though.