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Training After Neural Charge Training


Does doing cardio or something like squats straight after your neural charge workout take away from the various positve effects of the neural charge workout. Now I have seen how Christian uses a neural charge workout a few hours before weights however due to time constraints I was thinking on some days I would do some cardio, on some days maybe calves and forearms or even squats straight after - will this reduce the effectiveness of using neural charge workouts?


I think the whole point of the neural charge workouts is to keep your CNS from burning out and interfering with your other strength-based workouts. This was taken directly from "Look Like a Bodybuilder, Perform Like an Athlete" article:

Based on what he said, I would think the neural charge workouts are more for enhancing (and having a quicker recovery from) your strength-based workouts, instead of the strength-based workouts hindering the effects the neural charge workout.


Thanks a lot, this is very helpful