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Training After Meniscus Operation?

Hi Guys, doing 5/3/1 since almost a year. Now I tore my meniscus and I will have to have an operation.
After this, I will not be able to do squats and deadlifts for several months.
Anyone an idea for a program without leg-movements in 5/3/1 style?
Thanks guys!

You might find this helpf

You can check out my log too

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Hey mate, thanks a lot. I will have a lot time to go through your log :slight_smile:

I had a minor meniscus repair done on my left knee. I was consistent but not terribly aggressive with rehab. It took 2 weeks to start deadlifting at around 30% max weights and 3 weeks to reach parallel on a bodyweight squat. From there I added weights slowly and was back to full training weights in 3 months.

Unless there is a real reason to not squat or deadlift for several months, I wouldn’t stop doing them, they are the best rehab imo.

Even stuff like stiff legged kettlebell deadlifts and hand assisted quarter squats were good to me done at home several times a day after the worst swelling went away.