training after Mag-10

I am trying to figure out what would be the best training program to use after I finish a 6 week Mag-10 cycle. I was thinking about using Chad Waterbury’s “Big 3” program for 4 weeks before starting another Mag-10 cycle. I would use Tribex and M for those 4 weeks, and since I do not plan to continue use after the second cycle I don’t see the problem with only going 4 weeks off. Can anyone help me out with a program and critique what I have already decided on? Thanks guys and Happy New Year.

You have almost as much flexibility regarding training after MAG-10 as you normally do, but
with a couple of exceptions during the one
or two weeks thereafter.

After a cycle, it’s best to keep weights
relatively high, like 80% 1RM.

And it’s best to keep volume moderate, at
a level that’s sufficient for stimulation
to avoid losses, but considerably less than
used on-cycle. I cut volume in about half
or even less during those weeks.

After those 1 or 2 weeks, training decisions
are basically the same as usual, except that
if planning another cycle, it’s best to plan
training to lead into that. I do that by
dropping weights down to 60% 1RM and starting
building back up.

I was wondering the same thing. I will using mag-10 for 10 weeks with a fairly high volume of training and was wondering what would be the best program to use when i come off.