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Training After Laser Eye Surgery


I had my eyes lasered (LASIK) Friday morning, and the advice from the surgeon, reception team and follow-up GP all seemed to contradict. Some said avoid contact sports for a week, some said no exercise at all for weeks, some said no weightlifting for 2 weeks.

Has anyone got any experience either having had the surgery or as medical professionals?


Hi, Hamster.

Had it done bilaterally about 8 years ago. The best spent money of my life.

The danger in the first days is that, with some blow or over-pressure due to effort, the flap could potentially move out of place (you know it is not sewn up but only gently placed back in the proper alignment, do you?). Obviously a misaligned cornea wouldn’t be good for your future vision. Avoid scratching or rubbing your eyes also, by the way.

After these first weeks it starts to heal and get “re-welded” by itself so the dangers fade away.

I’ve never had any complication afterwards and had 20/20 vision since.


Hi buddy.
You should be fine to commence lifting after 2-3 days. Juat try to avoid
rubbing your eyes for a couple of weeks.
Dont play any contact sports such as basketball or rugby for 3 weeks, as you dont want to
get a finger in the eye. In fact I wouldnt recommend LASIK for anyone that plays
contact sports.

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