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Training After HSS-100 (Chest)

I’m about to complete CT’s HSS-100 routine for chest. I’d like to get suggestions for an appropriate training program to follow up with.

One question: after specializing on one body part such as the chest, and then moving on to a generalized program, won’t any gains accrued during HSS-100 be reversed when such a program is stopped?
Thanks for the feedback.

After a specialization you have to get on a normal program, where the body part specialized will have time to adapt, you may even see more gains during this normal program because it will let your specialized body part recover and grow.

CT actually has stated that you will see more gains when coming off a specialization routine to a general lifting routine.

I think its something to do with them going into a state of increased growth or something.

Either way just go to a general routine for about 4-6 weeks id say.