Training After Heart Surgery?

Well a little about me… I became pretty serious about bodybuilding lifestyle and made some good gains in 2 years but then fell sick and had heart surgery. I was young, 25, healthy and didn’t do any drugs or crazy supplements.

But now I am back 6 months later and in good health (grateful for that), full of testosterone and still love bodybuilding as much. My cardio is number 1 priority now but I still lift weights. I understand I have to take it slow (I hear that all the time).

I took a physio class just to get me back in training but it was pretty much a waste of time. Pink dumbbells, you get the picture. You have to understand physios usually deal with out of shape 65 year olds and know nothing about bodybuilding. The only good advice I got I think was to train “high reps”, in the 12-15 range.

So well any advice? (Is high reps the safest for heart? Can I make good gains training high reps? How many sets, rest times? Anything I should not do? Any websites or people that could help? Obviously any pain in the sternum bone and I stop but no pain recently)

I understand I am a special case, but I honestly don’t know who to ask anymore. Hoping I could get some good answers here, like I have in the past.