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Training After 'Getting On It'...


...not steroids.
Not too sure if this subject has come up before so I'll bring it up anyway.
I have a 'friend' that every now and then likes to go out and get on it (little round happy pills). A couple of days later he'll train but will notice significant loss in strength. This strength loss lasts at least a week. I'm going to assume a few of you crazy people have come across this before.
Why do you think this is? I know I could search the net, I prefer feedback from people that are in my boat (or swimming along side it)


the fact that he probably just ripped his cns to shreds and now lacks many essential brain chemicals probably has something to do with it. ..

remember the cns takes longer to cover than muscles from intense training + factor in the ridiculous stress of said pills and you can see why he cant preform. ..