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Training After Cardio


I usually play basketball every day for a couple of hours as a cardio work out and i find that if i try to lift after its really hard to put up anywhere near the weight that i can do normaly without cardio or before it.

After reading all this new information about g-flux it doesnt really make sense to me that im gonna get any gains if im not putting up weights at my max effort or hitting new PRs. So I guess my question is does it make a difference if i were to lift before cardio or not. Am i gonna make gains if im doing 20 less pounds on a 5x5 work out program than i normaly would or am I just losing muscle here and training my body to be weaker?


People should do cardio AFTER weight training. I see so many people do this backwards. In fact, I saw one guy in the gym about two weeks ago eat a banana right before he jumped on the treadmill for 30 min and then go lift. I doubt most people have a clue how their bodies work and even more don't want to hear any advice on the subject because they are content with ignorance.

Your body needs that glucose stored in muscle tissue and your liver for those weights you lift. Jumping on the treadmill is a great way to deplete that energy. This is fine if the goal is to burn more calories and you aren't planning on bench pressing 300lbs+ right afterwards.

Therefore, in order to get the most of lifting weights, burn that glycogen in the weight room. Burn what's left on the treadmill.

Sidenote: I think cardio is highly overrated and many probably do too much of it.


If you are not doing a sport, 1 or 2 sessions of intense cardio a week can keep you at a solid state of fitness. Gonna agree with you on the too much cardio. I see the same fatasses on the treadmill every time I got to the gym, and guess what, they're still fatasses.


i wish i could run after lifting, but my lacrosse program right now is running right after school. i decided to skip out today, i think one good lift a week isnt too much to ask.


Sorry to bring back a dead thread...

So, it's acceptable to play basketball for an hour or two after a hard workout? It wont deter muscle growth or somehow promote or allow catabolism? Recently I've been doing my routine and then just playin some pick up games for about an hour and a half and I just wanted to make sure that it's not hurting me doing so.



If muscle gains are the top priority then YES, playing basketball for two hours after weightlifting will hamper, impede, hinder, growth. Especially if you are like most players who are long and lean and generally don't pack on muscle easily.

If you want to gain as much muscle as you can and love to play BBall as well try to do them on different days and make sure you are packing away enough c calories, carbs, fats, and protein, to keep you anabolic.

Good luck,