Training after bulking

I’m about to come off my first ever bulking cycle. All my life I’ve tried to cut bodyfat, so i’ve responed to bulking with awesome results.

Gained 22lbs and added an inch and a half to my arms. I did start with a high body fat percentage of 15% and now im around 17% at 206lbs.

Ok now for my main question. I’ve heard you need to go on a maintainence diet after a bulking or cutting cycle, so that I am going to do. I wanna do Meltdown training, but should i save that program for when i actually diet with BELOW maintainence or just do it now?

5X5 good for cutting. GVT2000 for bulking. But how should i train with my diet at maintainance?


Since you have just done a high volume hypertrophy based routine, I think a strength based program would be perfect for you at this time to solidify your gains. Poloquin’s Training with Maximal Weigths or Joel Marion’s Ripped Rugged and Dense would be a great option. Once you’ve done this style of training for about 4-6 weeks, you should be primed to hit Meltdown or Fat to Fire and make some excellent progress.

I’ve herd u should go on a maintenence diet after bulking, but even after cutting u should go with maintenece?

Agree with Jason. You could also try 1-6 or 5x5 for your maintenance meso, then go into Meltdown.

I would not go into Meltdown immediately after a bulking cycle, nor would I use the program for maintenance. It’s a cutting program, and a brutally efective one at that.