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Training After Broken Wrist. Any Suggestions?


my radial bone was fractured last time and now i can workout again…

and i can workout again but not too heavy because sometimes it hurts when i lift in 1-5 rep schemes
i like the coolcicada PPL but change the other rep schemes to 8-12 or can you suggest other programs to cope up with my injury… sorry for bad english


17 y/o
2 years lifting on and off because of injuries


Can you provide us more information? Like when does your wirst hurt ? Any exercises that you immediately feel negatively?


my wrist don’t hurt but my fore arms in my right arm and when im benching in flat i dont feel anything at all but when i do in incline bench i feel the burn in my upper chest… basically im under theraphy and i still cant fully straight my right arm but i can lift weights as the doctor said. so i lack some mobility in my right arm.


You should take a rest week keep protein high do some light training intervals then get to training when you feeling better