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Training After Arthroscopy/Meniscus Removal

I just need some opinions or maybe experiences.

about a month ago, my knee locked up and i had to have an artroscopy, removing my inner meniscus in my left knee. have gotten almost all mobility back, and most of the pain is gone.

I have been training the whole time, but have not started squatting or deadlifting yet. Do anyone know how long i should wait before starting , and how light / slow i should start? And could a knee wrap or knee support maybe be a good idea for me to use?

you should follow up with whoever performed the 'scope. only a qualified professional who has seen the diagnostic images (not to mention the inside of your knee capsule) can tell you what’s left for you to work with. no physical therapy?

If it’s a partial meniscectomy, you are pretty much good from the get go. If the repaired it, it will take a long time for the meniscus to heal. So in your case you should be fine to hammer away if your knee feels good.
Confirm with your surgeon

Thanks for the replies, her is an update.

Talked to my surgeons about a month after the surgery. They had very little to say when it came to training, but I learned that the damage was worse that i had thought.

They said to expect minor and major locks again, and that i probably will have to have another arthroscopy within a couple of years. They removed almost all of both meniscuses, and the little i have left will probably keep tearing into tiny pieces.

Only concrete thing they said was:
No running on hard surfaces for about half a year.
No squatting for about 3 months.
After 6 months, keep pushing even if it hurts.

As of now i can’t even go to parallel with just my bodyweight, without falling to my ass or enduring quite an amount of pain. I do partial squats in my rehab routine.

I have no physical therapy prescribed, and since its too painful for me to work more than a couple of days of the week, i can’t afford it on my own. At least not yet.

Guess i will just have to let it heal some more, keep doing the rehab exercises i found on the web, and let time do its thing…

Ok, i suggest you start researching minscal scaffolds and regenexx treatment. Sorry to hear about it man!