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Training After an Injury


Brand new here. Great site. I’m recovering from a right bicep distal tendon tear surgery. Just started basic stretching/therapy with Therapist. I’ve worked out many years and competed in Powerlifting. Any advice on getting back after an injury like this? Doc says all went well and I should return to normal (pre-injury) range of motion etc.


I tore my bicep/forearm tie -in in 1998 (doing too heavy for me barbell curls with bad form). Is this the same tear as yours ?
I freaked out and tried to get into a sports doctor ASAP. Couldn’t. The e-room was next, they took a freaking useless x-ray of the region and gave me
some BS anti-inflamm. 2 days later, I got in to a good doctor and he said it was to late to do anything. I guess I knew that.
I took 1 month off from doing anything that hurt (pulldowns,rows,curls), still squatted,benched etc and it healed greatly. Today, no size or strength difference. You will fully recover from this if you rest it and then start in slowwwwwllly. good luck !

Hey Magyar,

I tore mine about a year and half ago. Used to ride Bulls and I was at a Rodeo and…well at 38 (at the time, 40 now) I SHOULD have known better but I got on one just for fun and tore the Bicep in the process. My bicep curled up and made a ‘ball’ way up near the shoulder. I had zero strength with my palm up. I asked a Doctor about 6 mos. later and he told me it was too late to operate. I found a Doctor here who said he could fix it and I had surgery about a month ago. How in the world did your Bicep get fixed without surgery? Thanks for the advice on recovery.



My tear was a partial tear. The muscle didn’t separate completely. I heard it and felt it rip, but it did not ball up. It healed by itself once I layed off certain excercises for a while.

I’ve seen pictures of the complete tear, like yours was. All I can think is … fuuuucccckkk…

Oh that’s good it was just a partial tear. The Medical stuff I’ve found on the net about a distal tear is not pretty. I was lucky to find a doc even to touch this operation. He did well though. I’ve got full extension and almost able to fully rotate my palm upward. Lots o’ pain though! Got a pretty badass scar too. Won’t need a whimpy barbwire tattoo now!


Try the HST program.I’m coming back from
elbow tendonitis and knee tendonitis,and this workout is working great for me!