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Training After 2 Broken Legs


A friend of mine recently had a very bad car accident and broke both his legs. He's madly into weight lifting though, and is really keen to not let it affect him and his goals. Seeing as he's going to be off work for a while (works a labour job) and will have lots of free time, he wants to be in the gym as often as he can, avoiding sitting at home wallowing.

I suggested rotating chest/tri, back/bi and shoulders/core workouts 3 on 1 off, which would end up being 5-6 days a week of weights with each body part trained nearly twice a week on average (7 times every 4 weeks).

Thoughts? Would this just burn him down totally? Or is this doable, and he should be able to make major gains?


Lots of people train with this type of frequency. If he's pretty sedentary as working and even walking around is out of the equation for a bit, I highly doubt this will burn him out, especially if his diet is okay.



Thanks Stu! He mentioned concerns about over-using the shoulder girdle though as every weights day he'll be using it to some degree i.e. day 1 chest, day 2 back, day 3 shoulders. Would you say this is an issue?

How about volume per body part per workout, number of exercises, sets etc?

I've been there before with injuries derailing you when you feel like you're just starting to make progress, it really sucks!