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Training Advise on AAS


As far as training while on AAS for a bulk cycle I have a question. When I did my last cycle I was doing a 4 day split, more volume training. I got ok results but not what I had expected. I am about to do my 3rd cycle and I have been doing DC training for the last few months and have gotten pretty good results. When i go on my next cycle should I go back to volume training or stick with DC? Please advise. My cycle will be 500mg test cyp and 500mg of EQ per week for 10 weeks.


Go with what would work best for you under other circumstances, but you can increase volume somewhat over what would be optimal without the assistance. For example, 1/3 greater volume. Some do half-again the volume. This might be simply by adding an exercise or two per bodypart.

While it might well be the case that a different volume training method might do better for you than your last one did, the fact is that of what you have in your toolbox, so to speak, the DC has been working better for you. So, I would go with what has been working best for you.

Whether you do an additional exercise per bodypart, still on a DC-type program, with the androgen assistance as you were doing before without, or just leave the program the same, is up to you. Either will work. I would add more work myself, though.


Whatever you're doing now only harder and heavier. My two centavos


If you have been training long enough to use AAS then i am confident that you will be fully instinctive in your training and as such will simply add volume, load and intensity to your sessions as your body allows.

It really is as simple as working as hard as you can - as long as sufficient recovery is planned (deloading etc).

DC is fine, high volume is fine - you know what works and why i am sure.



It's self-regulating up to a point, but as others have said listen to your body and increase workload as far as it isn't damaging performance.


Great advise from everyone, thanks. I know that when I am on my CNS seems to recover much better and I wasnt sure if there was a standard for increasing my workload that you guys have went by. This will be my 3rd cycle and I am much more prepared this time. I got ok gains from the first 3 but I think that I have learned how my reacts while on to make this my best cycle yet. I am working on a new training method now, I am going to post it on here after I am done with the initial run. I combine DC training and 5x5 into a 4 day per week split. I am still tweaking it though...


I strongly recommend you stick with DC. Do not increase volume while you are on cycle. Just because you can train with more volume due to increase recovery, but all that protein synthesis is wasted on repairing your tissue from excessive volume.

From my experience, increasing training frequency works best. CNS recover much quicker while on test and dbol. I went from doing low volume, total body 3xweek to 5-6 days per week. I gained some size, and lots of strength. And just break through a plateu. But i found more volume work tend to put on a little more "non-functional size". Since i was a strength athelete, that's not optimal for me at the time.


I WAS gonna butt in ans state that 'all that protein synthesis' will make for a larger muscle.. but then you pointed out that as a strength athlete you are not interested in large muscles ifthere isnt accompanying strength to go with them!

I personally am strong as i look - and my strength does go up with my muscle (albeit not as fast as some) - however i train for muscle primarily.. that said, if i increase reps to 8-12 from my regular 5-9, i find i grow but ONLY in the gym. What i mean is when cold, i look no different, but when pumped i look much bigger than normally - i dont like that though, i dont want to be big for 2 hours a day! I want to be big for the full 24!
I find that lower reps 5-9 (ectomorph here) really helps me to develop raw size better than higher reps.