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Training Advice?

Age: 42
Weight: 87kg
Status – training for strength from August 2017, previously trained bodybuilding style(natural), stopped 7 years ago, since then 1 -2 times per week generic weights training.

Squats – 3 x 5 with 315 pounds (142.5 kg), steady progress with two de-loads and some minor injuries
Deadlift – 2 x 5 with 330 pounds (150 kg), almost no progress
OHP – 3 x 5 with 132 pounds (60kg), no progress for more than a month, cannot add even 2.5 pounds and finish 3x5.
Barbell row – stop doing all rows to golfer’s elbow in both hands, the result from 1 month ago: 198 pounds 3x5.
Bench-press: don’t do due to pain in elbows every time I go heavier than 70 kg.
Remark: I don’t try 1 rep max due to fear of injuries.

Day 1: Tuesday afternoon
Squat 3 x 5 – almost failure
Press: 3 x 5 – cannot do more than three sets

Day 2 – Saturday afternoon
Squat 3 x 5 – cannot do more than three sets
Press: 3 x 5 – cannot do more than three sets

Day 3 – Sunday Morning
Usually, I am sore from Saturday squats
Deadlift: 2 x 5, almost failure; I cannot do more than 2 sets
Straight One arm push down: 3 x 8
Lat pull down: 3 x 8
Face pulls: 3 x 10

Weight progression on squats: 2.5 kg per week or after 3 workouts with the same weight (per 1.5 weeks)

Any suggestion how to break through here with deadlifts and OHP, given that I cannot change the days of training due to career and family obligations (I am thankful that I have these days).


A 531 2 day template like this prob your best bet…

For elbows, perfect world look in to getting some ART treatment. Good tips here also especially voodoo bands…

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Is this all you’re doing? If so then I suggest getting some volume on your main lifts with less weight. You could keep what you’re doing and just get another 20-30 reps with less weight. Strength gains come from accumulating volume in the 80-87% 1RM range. And it doesn’t have to be sets to failure.

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Do you mean smth like:
Squats 3 x 5 heavy followed by Squats 2 x5 lighter weight on both days

or go one day squats heavy 3 x 5; and the other one: 5 x 5 at 87% or smth similar?



I have looked on the 531 two day template.
The deadlift is done once in two weeks.
Do I understand correctly that stiff legged deadlift + squats + accessories compensate for the frequency in the regular deadlift?


You could do either one.

I’m starting a be program Friday that’s 3x8 @72-75%. On Monday I’ll repeat that same workout with 5x8. I’ll add weight Friday and go back to 3x8 followed by 5x8 on Monday.

It’s CT’s Guaranteed Simple, Strength & Size program off his ThibArmy site.

If you can’t train the days that are written then you just follow the workouts in order. It might take you 3.5 weeks to finish the first 2 weeks but you’re still progressing.

Look at 5/3/1 templates and you’ll see a lot of back off sets of 3x5 after the main work.

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Thats the ‘weekend only’ template in that case yeah they compensate for frequency.

Standard2 day is…
Workout A
Bench Press
Assistance Work

Workout B
Assistance Work

…so deadlift every week

Thanks. Much appreciated.

I would suggest eating more, particularly carbs, and staying well hydrated. That’s how I break through plateaus. Bodyweight tends to be very highly correlated with overhead pressing ability.

More volume, less intensity.