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I posted this in the over-35 forum as well, but thought it might get a more rapid response here.

I’m brand new to the forum. But have lurked for a while.

I’d like to solicit your advice on ways I can improve my size and overall appearance and try to stay injury free in the process.

I am 35 years old. I used to lift a lot through high school and college but was never enormous. My training fell into sporadic bursts through my 20s, mostly around my single life. Then I got married and work became taxing and I stopped going so often.

In October of 2007, I started going back to the gym. This is the result of doing something physical ~50% of the time since then.

I am a pretty busy professional guy so I have to work out early in the morning or at night and my schedule get thrown off a little by travel and by entertainment.

The basic exercises I do are as follows:
Dumbells: incline bench, military press, flat bench, shrugs
Barbells: Curls, upward rows
Body weight: Dips (assisted), crunches, decline sit-ups, medicine ball twists
Machines: tricep extension, seated rows, lat pulls, reverse fly

I don’t get enough cardio and my diet could be better. My joints are a problem, but I try to run 2-3 times a week doing interval work on the treadmill: 5 min jog, 5 min sprint, 1 min walk, 5 min jog, 5 min sprint. The jogs are about 7.5 mph and the sprint is about 9.2 mph.

I don’t do the big power lifts I used to do back when I was playing football: cleans, squats, deadlifts. I know some guys swear by these, but in all honesty, my goals are about vanity. I’d just like to look better and if getting stronger comes as part of the package, great.

Any advice you can offer would be welcome. Thanks in advance for your help.

Flame away.

This isnt a flame… But i personally dont think you belong here…

Maybe try the beginner section?

Its just, you dont seem particularly interested in Bodybuilding. At all. I dont mean competing and posing trunks but the basics - training and lifestyle.

Have a look at some of the articles on the T-Nation page, there is a wealth of stuff there to see you through beginner to highly advanced and with the physique to match each stage… let me suggest some…


You will never go wrong with these. They will help you make some fantastic advances over the next few years. OK?

(more power to you for posting that pic of yourself).


That’s a very fair comment. I should have moved to beginners, probably. If a mod wants to relocate, that’d be more than fine with me.

Its not that, i just think you’ll get more if you post there.

Vanity or not, if you’re not doing the big, compound lifts you’re missing out on the hormonal releases that are essential to progress at your age.

Go Old School!

[quote]Kruiser wrote:
Vanity or not, if you’re not doing the big, compound lifts you’re missing out on the hormonal releases that are essential to progress at your age.

Go Old School![/quote]

Sounds like it’s time to reconsider huh?

guess i have to get over being a pussy and worrying i am going to injure myself. it’s going to be humbling stepping back to the squat rack.