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Training Advice Needed : Unloading Week

Hi guys,

I need your advice here.

I have been following a program for 5 weeks now. Its a program that use progressive loading on each sets with 6 sets per exercise…ex : sets 1=10 reps 2=7 3=5 4=5 5=7 set 6=10

Now I have finished a week of unloading that consists of reducing de sets 6 to 3 and using 10 reps per set.

Here’s my question : Is it totally useless to be on another unloading week before my coach give me a new training program?

Can I keps de reps at 10 but increase the number of sets to 4?

Or do I keep all this to 3x10?

Your advice would be really appreciated.


Hi grimskunk!

May I ask why you are unloading? Also, what are you training goals in general? Age? Weight? Ht.? Favorite food? Okay never mind the favorite food…Haha

Im unloading because of the heavy charges loading during the 4 weeks of training.

My goal is to decrease my BF. Im on a diet since the month of june.

Now :

I’m 21 years old. 5 feet 6, 178 lbs, 15% BF,…

I’m on a restrictive carbs diet…I eat all my carbs in the morning.

You eat all your carbs in the morning -what about post-workout? Is losing body fat your MAIN goal? Besides going low carbs, what does the rest of your diet look like? You’ve been dieting since June - that’s a long time on a diet. How low is your daily cal intake? If you diet for a long period of time your metabolism is gonna be reduced to a crawl. We need to know more before we can truly help.

Let us know,


My main goal right now is to decrease my BF level and maintain my muscle mass.

I usually eat my carbs in a morning. (ex. 1 whole wheat bread with egg whites) rest of the day is consist of P+F also my post workout drink is 2 scoops of protein + 200 ml of pinnapple juice.

Sometimes I drink only 2 scoops of whey with water for post-workout (with no carbs) in order to let my body burn more fat.

I eat a cheating meal 2 times a week.

So, I dont count my calories, i’m only watching my carbs intake. But my calories intake are low for sure!

Also, you mentionned that maybe my metabolism should be very low due to the long term low carbs intake…

Maybe you’re right cause sometimes I feel very but very exhausted…even in my off-days.

I don’t think I’m overtraining (4 days per week max, 45 mins per session)

What should I do if my goal is still not reached? (I’m trying to reach 12% of BF)

What do you think of this

Thanks for your advices!

No, I am saying your metabolism may be slow b/c you’ve been dieting for quite some time, (low cals, not necessarily low carbs).
You said sometimes you feel exhausted, even on non-workout days. This may be b/c of your low carb intake, as carbs contribute to recovery. But I can’t say for sure, as everyone seems to handle carbs differently. Maybe check out C.T.s articles on how he uses carb-rotation. But I would defintely say you need to incorporate periods (maybe 3-4 weeks - experiment to see what works best for you) in which you up your cal intake. Also make sure you are following all the “rules” whether your cals are low or moderate/high…
Eat every few hours no matter what, include protein in every single meal (Thermic effect), carb timing etc.

Just don’t get caught up in doing the same thing over and over and over when it is not working. (i.e. always “dieting”)

Stay with it,