Training Advice for Size and Strength?

Hi CT,

Once again thanks for all the articles and help.

I’m currently working under the premise that I am an easy-hard gainer. I’ve always struggled to put on and keep on weight/muscle mass but In the time that I’ve been training (3-4 years) I have made advances. Current 1RM numbers are:

My weight (84 kg)
Deadlift - 200kg
Squat - 160kg
Bench - 102.5kg
Clean - 100kg
Military press - 70kg

I play hurling which requires me to train 3/4 times per week including one match most weeks. Training includes a team based gym program and endurance training.

My current program involves working the big lifts with a ramp to 3RM and loaded carries, attempting to keep these sessions to as close to 30 minutes as possible. This is an attempt to focus on the advice you had given on this thread about easy-hard gainers Easy-Hard Gainer? - Christian Thibaudeau Coaching - Forums - T Nation

The thing is I cant avoid the cardio work involved in hurling training and I also really enjoy dabbling in crossfit style training, working at that sort of intensity is by far what i find most enjoyable.

What type of program would you recommend for me to increase size and strength?
Apologies for the ramble but I would really appreciate any advice you would have!