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Training Advice for PSMF?

I’m looking into doing PSFM to lose some weight. I’ve been Keto for a few years and have lost 100 pounds from eating healthy and working our and all alone from Keto. The last year I’ve been stuck at my current weight (165), I’ve tried different workouts, took a diet break, endured my hormones and vitamin levels are in check. But nothing seems to be working.

I’m 165, female, 5’3” about 27% body fat, wanting to get down to 20 or even 15. My body type/genetics makes it very hard for me to lose muscle mass and can gain muscle even when on deficits, at the same time it’s also very hard for my body to lose fat.

So I’m planning on doing PSFM, my question is should I continue to train like I do now (3 times a week - interval weight training four sets of 12 reps of two different weighted exercise then one minute cardio, and then doing this three more times. Days are split by leg/push/pull.
One Hiit workout 15 rounds
And three Liss workouts

I’m going to remove the Hiit workout but was wondering if I need to remove the cardio movements from my weight training days as well?

A PSFM isn’t something you’re going to run for a long time, or shouldn’t. If you’ve been stuck then it simply means that you’re at a caloric maintenance intake each day/week for the most part…or all depending (since you lost 100 pounds) that you’ve had a bit of adapative thermogenesis where your metabolism has lowered a bit to adjust for the low intake of calories you’ve had coming in.

Training that builds muscle is going to be the same type of training that keeps muscle when you’re in a caloric deficit, barring that you’re not doing too much of it. So it really comes back to what you’re going to do with your calories more than likely.

How long do you plan on running the PSMF?