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Training Advice for One Day a Week Routine?

hey guys, my second post. Haven’t received a response on my first post, but I’m optimistic lol.
I have another question. Due to being only able to hit gym once a week for the next month, I was wondering anyones thoughts on mon
Overhead press singles 8x1
Dips 4x6
Pulldowns 8x3
Squats 8x3

At home push ups and hammer curls

Its just a money thing right now. But do you think push ups and hammers would be fine for a small cycle?emphasized text

I’m highly unqualified to answer this but one thing that stick out to be was no pulling in the somewhat horizontal plane.

The 8 singles thing is weird to me too but idk :man_shrugging:


Google Jim wendler limited time from his blog - it lays out a plan with 1x/week lifting and calisthenics in other days

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Personally, on the gym day I would prioritise training the lower body, lower back/erectors, deltoids and traps/rhomboids.

It’s easy enough to train the pecs, triceps, lats, biceps and abs at home with Bodyweight exercises.

A sample schedule could involve Push up, chin-up and ab days at home 2-3 times per week, and then a heavy leg session with some rows and shoulder isolation exercises


Singles are something from Doug Hepburn routine

If you can do squats you can do deadlifts. Do deadlifts and deadlift assistance one day, and squats with squat assistance next week.

Upper body is easy to maintain - just set a goal for pushups, pullups, burpees and try to reach your goal.


Pretty much my thoughts.

If I only had 2 gym day a week, I’d hit the lower body heavy and hard (think 20 rep squats, high volume TBDL, etc.), then spend the rest of the week using bodyweight to train upper body and conditioning. Maybe some high volume walking lunges if I felt I could recover.

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If you only train once a week you need to raise the intensity, since frequency is low.

I have decent experience in this matter, since I am having problems going to the gym more than twice weekly.

My own investigations on how to maximize output led to HIT/Dr Darden. It worked for me, but I guess i depends on whether you believe in or even like this form of training. People/trainees who advocate higher volume training seldom have anything positive to say about HIT. For all I hear, Wendler’s system seems to be the solution to everything gym related (I am not saying it isn’t so - have yet to try it).

But, in answer to you question I recommend Dr Dardens fullbody 30-10-30 program once a week. Just search the T-nation articles and you will find a description on how to do it (and yes, the article is a small study on new, young trainees who made some fantastic progress - as all young trainees do no matter what type of training). That being said, 30-10-30 will challenge your thoughts about training and probably give a good result, provided you have not trained like this before.


I believe a HIT principle is infrequent sessions, so this certainly seems an applicable situation.

I know if I was only going once a week, I’d be crawling out. That’s the depths of my genius on the subject


Just actually read about that, as I’m a long fan of Darden’s and Mentzer’s. Haven’t tried full on hit training since trt therapy. Thanks for replying!

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I was gonna suggest the same thing…get the book “killing fat”…don’t worry about the nutrition part of the book…but you can follow the full body 30-10-30 routines once a week to failure

I think it’s key to remember that this is only for a month. After that, I presume you’ll be able to get back to a regular routine, right? So whatever it is is just a short-term plan to basically keep things moving in a positive direction.

Do you have, or can you get, a doorway pull-up bar for home? If so, I’d do this at home daily: PLP: The 60-Day Challenge - T NATION

And then hit the gym one day a week and attack one big exercise like the clean and push press or power cleans or deads or squats for some heavy work like 3-5x3-5 followed by full body “assistance”-type stuff (bodybuilding range 3-4x8-12, supersets, etc.) with cables and machines.

Push-ups and curls is straight-up meathead work. Fine in very small doses, but not something to make a habit.


Thanks! Sounds good. After a month, hit my regular routine. I’m making this too complicated in my head lol

You can also try negative only workouts once a week

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I can’t believe I never thought about negative only workouts! Arthur Jones once said a man who worked for him ( Tim Cook office manager ) gained 2 inches on his arms in a few months. Thanks for restarting my mind!

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