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Training Accessory Evaluations

Hi, i did a few searches and did not find such a thread. Maybe we could comment about positives/negatives points to help each other buy/avoid the good and the bad ones.

Here is my first contribution. The Everlast advanced personal round timer 7000. I just bought at wall-mart canada for 30$ is not usefull. I will return it soon. I planned to use it for tabata and other intervals, and skipping rope plus high volume training with short rests. The problem is we have to select 30/60 seconds rest, 2/3 min. rounds. There is no flexibilty whatsoever.

I live in Montreal, Canada and i only found the GymBoss faraway and without a card could not order it. After trying at 7 retailers i am left with my watch stop-watch function wich is far from ideal.

Good luck everyone !

Hi, not sure what kind of phone you have, but if you are using either Android operating system or iOS on an iPhone they have plenty of apps for free that have an interval timer like what you are looking for, just check in their respective app stores. I’d definitely say return that timer and get your money back.

As for training accessories, I don’t really use much but gloves only on pulling days. Was wondering about including some Fat Gripz, or Grip Force if anyone wants to give their input on that?