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Training Accesories


I have a couple hundred bucks to spend on training accesories, but don't know quite what else to get. Here's a list of what I already have:

Power Hooks
Thick Grips
Plate Mates
Fractional Collars/Plates
Tri-Bar EZ Curl Bar
Manta Ray Frount Squat Device
Larry Scott 2 Inch Thick Tricep Bar
Arm Blaster
Dip Belt

Would you please give me your suggestions as to any other trainning accessories/equiptment I should get?


That is quite a collection... I would pick up some "Lifting Chains" or a Dragging Sled.


Sandbag kit (at Ironmind).

Also, a dragging sled, glute-ham bench or reverse hyper (at Elitefts) would be on my list of things to get.


In true T-Nation style of answering a question that wasn't asked...

You should buy some food.

Or how about one of my all-time favorites...

Before anyone can answer your question, we need to know all of the details of your current training program.

Oh, and we definitely need to know...

Are you eating your .9 banana with your 4th or 5th meal of the day?

Seriously, I agree with the sandbag kit suggestion. That's next on my list...(as soon as I get over the idea that I can find a couple of old army duffle bags to save me about a hundred bucks since I would just need to buy the inner bags).



What you should get depends on your goals and/or what will help keep your training fun and interesting.


You should try an army surplus store. Or, and this is a stretch, talk to some recruiters. Maybe they have an old on laying around.


The kit at Ironmind comes with the big bag and a bunch of little bags (good for 225lbs) all for $60. Not a bad deal at all.

But, if you can get some old duffle bags, it will save you more!


Ok...stupid question and I know I could search...But what are "plate mates"?


Small, sometimes magnetic, plates in ranges of .25 or .5 pounds. THey are used for microloading or adding weight to fixed dumbells.



Thanks Red.

  1. Manta Ray: Squatting makes you stronger. I found the Manta Ray makes squatting more comfortable.
  2. Bands: Most of powerlifting records are held by guys using bands.
  3. Trap Bar: Amazing the amount of exercises that you can do to maximize strength and size.


Daniel, get a sled (as others have suggested) or also farmer's walk handles. Both great investments


Here goes new EDT guestion! I training for Finnish body fitness-competition ( bb competition for naturals) - I got 10 weeks to show. I like try EDT to boost my metabolic rate (I had good results with gaining muscle without fat last winter). So, I think I try my favourite split:

1)horizontal pull/push
2) legs + calves
3) vertical pull/push
4) arms + calves

I like to do 2 sessions of superset pairings, first keep 20 mins per one session, and when going down with calories, (and had less energy to tarin) I shortening 15 min sessions and try keep weights up and rests short as I can.

this sounds good/bad?


Thanks for everyones responses, but I am more interested in "trainning accesories" I can use in the gym. I can weld up and make my own sled, farmers walk bars, and get a tractor tire from my local recking yard; they are all great ideas and I will definately do them, thanks!

I thought of one of those short small foremarn benches that allow you to position your self perfectly around it and not be all cramped up like when you use a normal bench. The bench is like only 14 inches off the ground so you can still use a full range of motion with 45 pound plates. I also can't do wrist curls off my knees becaues I use around 185 to 205 and it just really hurts the top part of my arms. Has anyone tried out one of those forearm benches like the one from New York Barbell, or how about one of the up side down chin up bars.
Thanks again for all the great advice!