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Training a Sprinter


im a sprinter and whatever i try never works because i only egt faster a little bit. i know wat i need to work on its the strength in my arms how can improve that.also how can i gain speed quick.


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Stength in your arms????

You probably need to work on patience. You say everything you try only works a little bit. well, little improvements over time add up. Do you expect to get on a new program and right away drop from 11.4 to 10.6? Every tenth is big in sprinting and good arm use probably never will amount to more than a tenth.

Get on a long term, periodized program that includes long sprints, short sprints, plyos, weights, starts, form running, good nutrition and quality rest. Get quality work done. Four kick ass 200s is a better workout that 8 200s that your just getting through. Stick with it as long as it's imortant to you. Don't burn out and take 2-3 months off at a time.


I don't know what your numbers are but Jim Wendler wrote that if you added 250lbs to a 700lb squatters squat they might not get much faster but if you added 250lbs to some one who was squatting 250lbs lift you'd be pleasantly surprised.

Low body fat might help you out too.. in a study of football players for every percent of body fat they lost their forty time went down .1 seconds so theres your tenth of a second.

Now heres the part that sucks... the easiest way to get a bigger squat is to gain weight so i guess you'll have to do it the hard way. I know people who've said that squatting slows them down but you just need a good stretching program to go with it.


Did you ever read my post from "how to drop 3 seconds off your time" thread?
I posted a few examples of how to gain top speed, and accelerating speed. You also need a coach to examine your technique(stride length etc.)

Do you have a coach?
What event do you run?
How old are you?
What kind of lifting program are you on?

Kir Dog


Kir Dog, I just read your post on that other thread. Nice job, man. That was really good!

Cracks me up that Crazylegs is asking the same question again. Wasn't that good enough for him before, or does he want someone to write a whole program for him? Maybe, as someone suggested above, he is looking for a chemist.