Training a Person


I haven’t posted in a while.

Anyway I was browsing through my uni’s online market place when I spotted:

“Looking for someone to do one hour a week personal training, to help motivate and provide ideas. willing to pay £20/hr. email for more info”

Obviously I am like “WOW MONEY!!”. Since I have been training for rowing, which includes lifting and cardio. And also having read numerous T-Nation articles, stuff by John Berardi and training to become a rowing coach in about a months time I thought cool I can help this person. So I emailed back with:

[quote]My name is #### I have been training for rowing for about two years, including lifting. I am going to be doing a coaching course in October/November. I have built up quite a bit of knowledge to do with lifting programs for beginners and intermediates.

I also have access to a wealth of nutritional info. All of this I have found on the internet for free through forums and free articles and I would be more than willing to share my info.

I would be willing to work with you for 1 hour a week or more. If you want you can give me a ring on ######, I wouldn’t charge, as I am not a qualified nutritionist nor CSCS (Certified Sports and Conditioning Specialist). If you were looking for a professional personal trainer they should have a CSCS.

PS I hate bicep curls.


Now obviously reading stuff about doing exercise/good nutrition/lifting doesn’t make me a coach. However I do not see why I cannot help this person if she wants to get fit.

Also since I am not charging, not that it gets me off the hook, she can walk away. I can help her setup a training program based on the periodisation experience from rowing.

So I was wondering, obviously I am doubting myself, whether it is morally/ethically/personally ok to help out.

Current I am doing Rippetoes SS to see if I can put more weight on my lifts fast like a newbie, after only having done weights like 4x6/3x8.

i actually started training 2 girls at my college. they claimed they were getting too sore and gave up after about a week or two lol i exlplained to them that this is going to happen of course because they are just starting out.

and they said they dont have enough time. i was like listen get off your facebook for an hour and go to the gym haha oh well i hope whoever your training has more commitment. good luck with it man! always good to help some out

It’s cool that you’re willing to help this person, but you should really extract some sort of commitment from him/her.
Trainers will sign people on for workout packages for thousands of $, but you don’t have to ask for money. If, for example, you met him/her and then got h/h motivated by going through a superfuncrazyexplosive workout and then asked them to come back with some rudimentary knowledge, then that both saves you time teaching and ensures that s/he has invested time of their own.

Vets here are often frugal with their advice until they know a newbie has invested their own time reading because they’ve seen too many half-hearted people come and go on a whim. (I’m not a vet so I can splurge with my advice :slight_smile:

I currently training a guy, for free, I should charge for services, but hes a buddy.

Hes pretty weak right now, but hes a friend of mine and he needs the help.

Well this girl I am assuming has absolutely no idea about the mined gold mine that is the internet when it comes to nutrition/working out.
But I am not like going to suggest she do stuff like overhead squats or anything.

She only wants one hour a week which basically in my mind says she wants like a bit of 20-minute consulation and say 40-minutes of exercise / or assumes 60-minutes (but she is apparantly unfit, so there is no point doing 60m off the bat).

I think I am probably just going to get bits and bobs from around the internet and collate them rather than create something completely “new” from scratch.

Yeah i did this before, just make sure in about month or 2 when you ask her for a favor or some cash, youve buttered her up nicely enough.

Just kidding ;p.

Good luck.

Im way more qualified nutrition, training, and supplementation wise than any “trainer” I know at the gym.

That little test they have to take for certification takes about an hour to study for if your DECENTLY intelligent and well read.

Its no Cal 3.