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Training a Muscle Two Days In a Row


Is this ok? ive read alot of stuff by Chad Waterbury and if i read correctly it seemed as this is ok and can actually be beneficial. I've read that its good to train the muscle 4-8 times a week.

actually that last part i could be mistaken it could be 4-8 tottal workouts a week not just training the muscle.


I find myself thinking the same thing, should I do squat one day and then deads the next day. My conclusion is that it doesn't matter, what matters is that I get my ass into the gym and lift.

Just don't hurt yourself.


I wouldn't do it.


I squat mon,wed & dead tues,thurs.

I do some sort of press on all days.
I do some sort of pull on all days.

No problems - I eat A LOT. I sleep A LOT.

Fri,Sat,Sun I don't train at all.


How much muscle have you put on doing this? I checked your profile and you weigh 68 kilo's thats 148 lbs. Your program doesn't seem to work at all.


When I started this regime I was 65.5 kg.

I'm 69kg right now. :slight_smile:

Its been around 5-6 weeks since I started.

Perhaps 1/3 (I like to think a 1/2) of that gain is real muscle. I also started creatine at the same time and can see it plumps me up a bit with water.

Lifts gone from:
Bench 65 to 80kg
Squat ???I forget its 95 now. I've missed a 100kg attempt twice now. (Maybe my plan isn't so good after all?!)
Dead 100 to 140kg

Yeah I'm n00b but I'm growing!.

My point was train as hard as you like. If you sleep and eat enough it will be fine.

My schedule means I only get Mon to Fri in the gym. Some weeks I've gone 5 days straight and trainined Fri to.

Gotta work with what you got.


Depends what muscles. Smaller muscles (arms, calves, shoulders) may not start to grow optimally until you hit them 3-4 times a week.


A beginner can get away with it which you sound like judging from your question. I could NEVER dead lift the next day afer I squatted if I wanted to keep my lower back remotely healthy.


Yep. Certian Jobs require heavy lifting day in and day out, with no sets, reps or recovery days. Yet people who work them get bigger and stronger.


"Bigger and stronger" compared to someone following a proper bodybuilding/weightlifting-program? No, doubtly. I have worked a place where the people lifted 5 meter tall tree trunks day in and day out, and none of them was very big. And that was after 25 years of doing it.


I'm not trying to be a dick, but you know nothing about bodybuilding yet. Why? because you only have 5-6weeks of lifting under your belt. Your not qualified to give out advice. For now, read, learn, and when you put on some muscle and gain some more experience, then you can help others with bodybuilding.


Are you reffering to "flushing"? Like one lifting session followed the next day by some very high rep low weight movements?

Thats more of a recovery method. If followed properly, it should work very well.


If you didn't say this I was going to.


Most people who work are not eating healthy meals day in and day out, refrain from the local bar at night, and try to do the job harder every day. They also tend to do one movement. Like people who work in a warehouse who have to lift boxes up all day. Eventually the weight of the boxes tops out, your upperbody is not getting much of a workout. Look at what muscles people are using and you will see that body part tends to be stronger than others. Your first day you will be sore, eventually you won't it'll be easier.

Now if you said they lifted 5 meter tall tree trunks and and a centimeter every day, and did not stronger that would be different. Or different movements.


training so intensily, i could have problem deadlifting 48 hours after i squat let alon next day. My body can't handle that stress as i go all out every w/o.


Amen to that! I think I have an explanation for why the two days in a row thing works for you, because you aren't goin all out the first day so you have to finish it off the second.

If you are explosive the first day, there would be no reason to do it again the next day. Owell, all I know is I find it hard enough to seperate things like triceps and chest and squats and deads, let alone do the same thing twice in a row!


i definitely wouldn't hit it split-style two days in a row.

On leg day, i'll add in about 3 sets of 8-10 reps of a dumbbell chest press, and the next day i'll have chest day, along with maybe a couple sets of deadlift and some pullups. I'll take a rest day, then do back day the following day along with a couple sets of squats. I've been growing this way.

This split-total body hybrid thing seems to be working for me. More gains in 2 weeks than I had in the past 2 months.


Ditto. Some guys could get away with this in the beginning (even though their gains will suck) because they are moving less weight (they're still weak and puny). When you start moving more weight your nervous system is stressed more needing more time for recovery.

If you feel you need to train the same muscle the next day either you didn''t train it right the first day or your feelings need adjusting.


i agree, with split you tend to focus more on a specific part and you'll more likely have DOMS the next day.

with a full body routine its okay i squat every single workout

im still a newb been training a year and im on a 5x5

mon squats
bb row


inc bench


bb row

with 1 or 2 supplementary exercises added each day (like abs/hyper, bis/tris) im getting stronger each week which is great.

bench 200, squat 270, dead 330

its totally okay, im doing tons of posterior chain work. just do it by feel, if you feel you might fuck yourself up, skip the deads that week


depends on what your goal is. If it is brute strength, then it may help. I read a lot about Pavel and his power to the people approach and have experienced it first hand, getting stronger than I ever have been and quick.
So, if you are in a hypertrophy mesocycle, then not so good. Strength, maybe