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Training a Muscle Directly 4 Times a Week


Has anyone ever done this before? im just curious cause ive been doing that with lateral raises, rear delt work, the brachilis or what ever that muscle is called on your upper forearm, lats and calves. its been working pretty well.
i train a leg, push, pull set up like days:
leg day
push day
pull day
rest day

i add lateral raises on both push days of the week and on both rest days
i train calves on both leg days and pull days
i train lats via pull ups on both leg days ontop of normal lat work on pull days
i train rear delts also on both leg days and pull days by rear delt flys or face pulls
lastly i train the forearm with reverse curls on both rest days and hammer curls on both pull days

just wondering if anyone does something like this, obvisously im still a begginer but the last month i have seen a increse in growth from those parts, espically the medial delts


If you see your numbers stall or even drop on those higher frequency lifts, I think it's a good time to scale back. Until then, ride it out. You've already answered your own question when you said you've seen growth in those areas =)

I will say, though, get yourself a massage therapist or be prepared to do alot of soft tissue on those body parts.