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training a muscle daily

whats up fellow T-men & T-vixens! who has experimented with training a muscle every day. that is, i have a forearm roller and a pair of 25lb dbs in my room. id like to do a few sets (not to failure) of wrist rolls and db laterals EVERY MORNING to see if that can trigger some new growth. has anybody tried this? what were the results? this wont, IMHO, lead to overtraining, and so i dont see how it could hurt. it should even help, right? thanks.

That will be excellent if you don’t train to failure & don’t go too heavy. Make sure the intensity is no more than 75-80% (or what feels like it). I just got The Henry Higgins Course off Bill Hinbern & he says to do a little bit every day, but don’t exert yourself too much. That’s from 1915 & he put 254lbs overhead by training like that for a few years. He coached another guy who put up 211lbs @145 also.