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Training a 15yr Old

Hi everyone, I just have some questions I would like to ask. I would like opinions for my nephew who is 15 and interested in weight training.

1)I believe Weight training effects the central nervous system, so after a hard day at the gym would the workout effect his performance the following day during a soccer game?

  1. Do you believe that weight training would slow down a soccer player? (i.e. recovery from sprints during a game.)

  2. Is upper body weight training even functional for soccer?

  3. How often should one train, and what types of exercises would be best suited for a developing soccer player?

Thanks for the help…

Im not going to get into the specifics because Im not qualified to but YES weightlifting will benefit him. Strength training will make him stronger and faster, especially at 15 I wouldnt worry about the weightlifting taking out of the games other than muscle soreness (ie doing squats the day before a game) Being an ex soccer player myself I know it helped me. Upper body strength will help with both running and other movements needed in soccer.

Just my 2cc.

ps start him out doing things right!

For your nephew’s sake just don’t put the cart before the horse.

For that sport, his diet and cardiovascular conditioning will matter far more than anything he does in the weight room.

That said, a rounded lifting program certainly can’t hurt.

Questions 1 and 2 depend on your expertise in creating a lifting schedule.

Yes, to 3.

And to 4, I imagine you would choose the same exercises a footballer would. T-Nation has produced sports-specific articles in the past, check the archives.