Training 7 Years with Minimal Results

Hey dude,

I dunno about anyone else, but I appreciate you coming back and talking about making some meaningful changes. I had written you off - I love being proved totally wrong in situations like this.

I never got much out of flat bench, to be honest. I do think incline or decline bench are good options as well, but I’m definitely not in the group that thinks BB benching is necessary to have a decent looking chest or grow size. To directly answer your question - in my opinion, no, barbell bench is not necessary, whatsoever.

Assuming you meant 6 times a week - you can also do this, but the volume of the workout you put out there means you’d be doing 40 sets of chest a week, and 34 sets of shoulders, not counting the fact that chest work involves shoulders and all the other carryover. So yes - it looks like we have some strong and aesthetically pleasing people here who have gotten good results from 6 times a week, but - again, just my opinion - you can tone down the volume if you want to keep the frequency this high. I think the 8-12, or even the 8-20 rep range, is great for hypertrophy, so go ahead and run with that if you want to.

If you’re willing to make more of a serious change, I think it’s just a good exercise to find a program written by a professional with a track record of getting results out of people, and follow it to the T - this gives you experience, discipline, and some ideas to implement when you structure your own training program.

I honestly think the program @j4gga2 suggested, which I have suggested in the past to many people, is your best option here.

It was suggested to me by one of the pro bodybuilders who frequents this site, and it gives you a great deal of freedom in terms of days per week, exercise selection, etc. Gives you a LOT of tools to learn how to structure your own bodybuilding program, and it’s built to meet the type of goals you’re looking for.

Basically, I think if you’re handing over your nutrition to a meal prep plan at this point, you should hand over your programming to someone who knows what they’re doing, and then you can decide for yourself, after following the program TO A T, what you liked about your own programming, and what you could have improved on.

Once again, I love being proved wrong in these situations, so do me a favor and prove me wrong here. Start a log in the training log section too, if you want.