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Training 6-7 Days/Wk?


i will try to make this short as possible.
height: 5'9"
weight: 172
bodyfat: see attached pic for "estimate"
most recent best lifts: squat- 435, bp- 250, dl- 505 (powerlifting comp)

had been using texas method leading up to pl comp.

3 weeks ago decided i wanted to switch over to getting low bodyfat (6ish%), and being inspired by prof x's statements, decided to start trying to lift 7 days per week (obviously body recovery permitting). so far ive leaned out a lot, but have been focusing more on controlled reps, feeling the muscle work as opposed to recruiting as many muscles as possible to move the weight.

now so far (about 2-3 weeks lifting daily), i feel completely fine. i dont feel run down at all, on the contrare i feel incredibly motivated and excited to lift daily. my goal is modest (lean up to 6ish% bodyfat, so probably to 163ish lbs, then work up slowly from there to an ultimate goal of 175-180 under 10% bodyfat). im just curious as to whether or not this daily approach to training is okay for me long term or if i am better off doing a upper/lower or 5 day split with 2 days recovery. my main athletic goal is aesthetics.

thanks for any legitimate help; i understand my goals arent to become a mass monster, and as i can respect the hard work that is put into that goal, i hope people here can take this goal as serious as well.

ps(if it matters), current supplements
*bulk bcaa powder (about 35g/day)
*bulk beta alanine powder
*carlsons fish oil (about 5g epa/dha/day)
*now adam multi
*white flood pre workout
*whey/casein mix

edit: meant to add 5g creatine mono pwo
*green tea caps


Train as hard as you can as often as you can, overtraining is so overstated in this day and age. As long as you get adequate sleep/calories you'll be fine, the only reason to switch things up is if you feel you aren't making the progress that you want.


you didn't attach any pics


Essentially, the more times you exercise the more progress you are going to make given that you give your body everything it needs to recover from it.


sorry, only have internet access via phone. thought it would upload but i guess not.


Alot of good points have already been made. Train as hard and as often as possible without exceeding your ability to recover. Your diet and rest will play a big part in all of this. Everyone is different, try to find a balance with your training, diet and rest.

I can't really give you specifics, you're going to have to do some trial and error on your part. After doing this for a long enough period of time you'll be more in tune with your body and it will tell you what it needs, be it more sleep, more calories, or to back off training for a bit.


lifer85 , training full body routines three times a week has its advantages, for example, supercompensation. muscles grow the most in recovery days. i was a victim of overtraining doing arnold's routine and routines such as 6 times a week on which i didnt grow an ounce of girth.

If dont think you put any serious effort in your training; anybody can get it by training 3x a week, if not , you are not training intense enough. Look at Dorian Yates training routines; its 2x a week.

Add some volume and intensifiers to your training (negatives, drop sets, supersets, reducing rest between sets) that youre muscles burn the day after your workout and you are there.

To effectively stimulate growth and body composition improvement you have to incease poundages as often as its possible, with training 6 times a week its not that possible. Its known that microloadings are the most effective if its about training. If you do so, it will result in extreme and productive muscle soreness. In fact, there is little difference between muscle mass and body recomposition/definition training, the principles are the same but the final outcome depends on diet.

That is my opinion, training really heavy 6-7x a week without drugs is unreasonable. Research does not prove that training more often gives better results, but numerous studies state that the success of a training routine depends on its volume/intensity. So make it heavy.


I disagree, you don't growth optimally for training 2-3 times a week. Dorian were on enhencements. According to Thibs and other big bbiers on this site the minimum is 4-5 times a week.Especially if you are not on drugs since you need to spike hormone levels more.


I agree with some of what you're saying.

You can see very good growth lifting 3 times per week as long as the intensity/volume is right. I see my best overall growth with Monster Makers (squats/dL/BP) all done in the same workout 3 x week. On the other hand, it creates an imbalance in physique and strength which is why a switch to traditional BB splits is useful. And I lift 5-6 (sometimes 7) days a week without chemical assistance during my split - (who lifts light???)

The bottom line is that no 1 "program" / "training cycle" is the end all be all. Each have their advantages.

~eat big, lift heavy


the fact is there is no 'best' way to train for physique goals. One 'credited trainer' will tell you one thing, and then another will come out and say the exact opposite. I know its been said a million times but its all about trying it our for yourself and seeing what works for 'you'.

Personally i'd give each method a good go, maybe 6-8 weeks or training and if its not working for you or you think you're not getting the gains you could be, switch to something else. I like the idea of HFT but i know i certainly wouldnt train as hard using that method as i would if i was using HIT for instance. Its a matter of preferance and seeing what works for you. hope this helps.


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I agree with this. If you are beginner, it would be in your best interests to take advantage of the increased recovery and growth potential by training more often, not less.

This is assuming you are resting and eating enough to compensate.

The reason I would never recommend a beginner start some training program ONLY focused on "compound movements" is because your body NEEDS direct attention in all of those muscle groups to even reach full potential in strength to start with.

Good luck bench pressing over 400lbs if your biceps, triceps or shoulders are lagging because all you did was squats and overhead presses for ten years.

I see nothing wrong with training like that for periods of time, but anyone proclaiming that is the best way to train for even most newbs is a little off unless those people aren't concerned about having muscular imbalances.


4-5 times a week may be ok since, as i said before you split up your program into different parts of body and such things bbiers here advise. Its not so if you train full body routines with proper volume and intensity. Then 3x per week is enough.

I disagree that newbies dont need compounds mostly, it grows the whole body and makes people grow faster, the bigger compound the better hormonal production/response. If one's big and strong then its the time to fix details and NOT waste time on training little tiny things hampering the beginner's overall muscle mass growth.


Yeah, this is called "bullshit. How can you even make a claim that IGNORING body parts makes you grow faster?

Why is it most of the guys who think like you are some of the smallest fuckers here?

I trained every fucking thing. That's where really big muscles without huge visible imbalances come from.

Please prove to me your way is better....WITH RESULTS.

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"graforlock Poland 23 yrs - No photos uploaded."

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i lol'ed at the "ultimate goal of 180lbs"


At least he's very close to feeling fulfilled in life.


I think we can all agree to disagree without dismissing his goals as long as they fall within the context of the forum.


"Not talk, junior."

Did i say about ignoring body parts completely or you have problems with reading comprehension, trash talker? it was about extremes when some guy trains only small piecies of body in that matter, because anybody need strong bases either. note that i didnt quote your post.


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