training 5 months into preganancy

For all the research of done as to working with a pregnant woman i havent had much luck as far as finding any sound programs. If anyone knows what to do as far as resistance training with a woman who is 5 months pregnant, your help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t that much about training women who are pregnant, but there are several things that should be considerations:

  1. Keep the intensity low, simply because you don’t want her blood pressure to change that much.

  2. Anything involving pressure on the stomach is out…and anything that might seem to be too hard to get in the correct form to perform, is a no no.

  3. Finally, I would focus on the lower body and lower back, since these areas are where pregnancy has the most affect on a woman’s body.

Good luck.

I have trained women up until right before they give birth. First i would say that as you approach your third tri-mester keep the resistance low and the reps high, your joints are going to get more mobile as you go on so very heavy training should be avoided during this time. Other than that it important to remember to not do anything new that you weren’t doing before you were pregnant. Now would not be a good time to learn how to deadlift. But lets say you’ve been squating all along, continue by all means if it doesn’t cause you discomfort and doesn’t raise your blood preasure too high. You have to listen to your body very closely. Most people think you shouldn’t do anything lying on your back, but if your only down there for a little while (lenght of set) its ok. Walk a lot to keep your cardiovascular systmen going strong and if you have a question don’t be hesitant to ask your doctor.