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Training 5-6 Times a Week


i'll be having quite a bit of free time now for the rest of the year as my army unit is quite well "slack". Wont be doing much, and as a medic, i wont have alot of physical activities planned out for me. so im planning to up my gym frequency to about 5-6 times a week. (maybe a day for band/bodyweight work)

anything i should take note of while doing this? nutrition wise etc. i.e should i start eating alot more? maybe don't train till failure/my max effort so that i'll still have some gas in the tank for my next session etc. any tips or advice would be welcomed. (:

id probably be doing 5/3/1 or 5x5 (as theyve been giving results for me so far) with maybe 3-4 assistance exercises. and on the extra days do some volume work to put on some mass.


A bit more information is needed:
What is your current training frequency? How long have you been training? What are you training for (size/strength, etc)? What's your eating like? Etc?


im training for strength mostly.(im a basketball player) decided to use WSFSB III as the main meat of my training. ( im just recovring from a tricep injury, i can finally bench, but it still hurts when i do too miuch. so i thought that maybe max effort bench and overhead press in a week wouldnt be too good ) Im also a skinny bastard, so i would like to put on some weight.

my current training frequency was twice a week. cause i couldnt use the gym in my previous unit as i was just a trainee. so i could only hit the gym on sats and sundays. (had a upper body day (benched) and a lower body day (deadlifted) ) h/w, i have passed out as a medic and my new unit allows me to use the gym. (yay!) so i can probably go 3-4 times a week on weekdays + the weekends.

I cant really eat clean or whatever in camp cause the food is catered (breakfast,lunch,dinner). They usually serve 2 portions of meat/fish and 1 veg. you CANT ask for more meat, but you can get more rice/veg though. And i'll have access to the canteen, so if i need any extra meals, i could just buy from there.
*the breakfast usually sucks and has very little protein. So i may start taking a scoop of protein and some almonds in the morning.

*i get 7-8 hrs of sleep pretty much everynight. so having enough rest is not a problem. (:
i dont really do much for my diet except not taking any sweetened drinks. i live on water on weekdays and maybe a cup or two of coke zero/light on weekends. And i try not to eat anything after dinner (6-ish?) unless im working out/practicing some bball.

hope this helps!


In that case I wouldn't recommend going straight up to 5-6 days a week. Gradually build up, i.e. Keep the sat upper/ sun lower and add in a total body on Wednesday for 2-4 weeks, then switch the we'd total body for another upper/ lower on tuesday/ thursday, again for 2-4 weeks, or just whenever you feel ready to increase frequency again. This is to gradually increase your work capacity




No need to do anything different, if your on a 4 day split...do day 1 over again on day 5, then day 2 on day 6.

This type of training is fun because you can hit a body part twice a week depending on what you choose the first 2 days you lift.

I like doing shoulders monday, back tuesday. Then hit shoulders again friday and back on saturday.


ok. sounds good. taking time to work up to 5-6 days a week. and i may do that k-man. sounds good too!


Since your goal is improving strength AND you are recovering from a tricep injury, I don't see any good reason to lift any more than 4 times per week as is recommended with a program like 5/3/1. Just because you CAN doesn't mean it's the best thing for you.


with ws4sb, i've been adding in a couple of extra days here and there

on wednesday, i've been working on power snatch (it's coming along), and then moving to some sets of power cleans, then some front squats performed in a CT-influenced manner (in the 70-80% of 1rm range, and not going to failure). i also finish this session with tabata intervals on a rowing machine.

this past week, i did that same workout on saturday after max effort lower body, and felt even better afterwards and on sunday than i did on sat morning when i woke up.

while you should probably build up your tolerance for training frequency, some extra workouts with a focus on performance rather than muscle damage shouldn't hurt you too much. i'm thinking of making the saturday sessions a regular thing.


You can also simply extend your rest periods for the first few weeks between sets. You'll notice quite a substantial adaptation to higher volume from doing this. So, instead of 90 second rests, do 180 seconds, and no less. Keep your sets low, like around 3, and hit each muscle group (chest, back, quads and hams) three times per week.

For Example for chest, MONDAY: Inc. Bench, WED: FLAT BENCH, FRIDAY: Dec. Bench. That'll be plenty of stimulus for you and you can vary your rep range on each of those days for a muscle group. After the three weeks you can judge how you feel.


How many days a week are you currently doing? As long as you cut down your volume per session and keep the same overall volume for the week as it was before then you should be fine and recovery should actually increase.


damnit, my posts keep not showing up. As i could only train on weekends, my volume was pretty high. a workout would take about 2 hrs or more. ive trained 4 days so far this week. im feeling fine though my legs are still a little sore. a session now only takes about 45mins - an hour. i like the ideas you guys have given, increasing rest time, slowly increasing the number of days etc. seems like the bottom line is to NOT go straight into 6 days a week hardcore, but to slowly get into it, which is what ill do. thanks!