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Training 3x/wk, A Weightlifting Standard?


Is it fair to say that weightlifters OF ALL LEVELS must be training at least 3 times a week with the right movements?

I am trying to create some guidelines for myself and others that we could all use someday. :slightly_smiling: It'll make it easier for us to teach the newbies the reasons behind what we do.

Thanks if advance.


I think you should be training as much as possible so long as it doesn't infringe on the rest of your life and whatever else you may have prioritized above weightlifting. I don't like making minimum guidelines. One man's opinion.

Also, does this guy remind anybody else of TYPE2B?


Train as much as you can recover from. If you can train 6 times a week and recover, keep doing it. And obviously like TheJonty said, don't let it become your life and your priorities outside the gym.


Why not? :smiley:


I think what I was trying to say, was not that weightlifting can't be your life. If you have the drive and the will to devote your life to training and recovery, all the more power to you. But if you're like the rest of us and have other things in your life that likely have a higher priority (school, career, family, etc etc whatever) then don't train so much you fuck all that up. Because in the end, most of us are highly unlikely to see any real big success in this sport or be able to support ourselves financially through it.

We all make sacrifices to make time to pursue this sport, and I guess I'm just saying be aware of what you're sacrificing, lest it turn out to be something you valued more in the long haul.


Nope I definitely agree with you, I have classes and a job and occasionally even a social life lol, some weeks I get in the gym 3 times a week and sometimes as many as 6. Depends on the workout, workload, and other stuff going on in my life at the time, and how you can keep that balance.


I was (mostly) kidding you guys :stuck_out_tongue: Balance usually happens naturally however....


Well, it appears my joke/sarcasm detector is malfunctioning. And some people have to be a little more diligent in maintaining balance in their life.


all depends on how serious you are about it. I believe EVERYONE regardless of athletic ability/genetics can recover from 3 very hard training sessions/week.

If you have been training for more then a few years and arnt training AT LEAST 3 times per-week then you simply arnt serious about lifting. Name me any top level lifter who trains less then 5 times/week, most great lifters are training 6-9 times/week or even up to 21 sessions/week


Do the minimum to see gains...see Woodhouses The System :slight_smile:

Less is more and do what you do to get improvements. I'm improving on 2.5sessions. I say .5 as my Saturday really isn't a session due to my chronic back issue.

But when I was with Uncle I trained and lived the lifestyle of a full time athlete training 14x in 8 days, spent a 45hrs in the gym, napped after lunch, 8-10hrs sleep a night, loads of food, no work stress etc. Only training, eat, sleep 2x a day...I can't do that working 50hrs with commuting 13hrs a week. I suppose I could train on my off days but it's more beneficial imo for me to not train and just to rest. Get to the gym FRESH and SMASH IT UP. But yeah this a totally different traiing paradigm to most people and uncles. I'd love to do uncles training but I can't give up my career...



Koing, could you please tell us how it was (what to do in a session, how to train, what did you do between sessions, etc.) when you trained with the Uncle?


Who's uncle?

I agree with Koing that you should do the absolute minimum to see results. Leonid Taranenko, argueably the strongest super of all time only trained four times a week when he was a 110kg lifter and still did a 240kg C&J. He only started training multiple sessions every day when he moved up to the super class.


Uncle = Abadjiev