Training 3 Months, Seeing a Shoulder Bulge/Muscle

I’ve been working out for about three months now and just realized from looking in the mirror that I have developed a bulge next to my left shoulder blade when I stand with my shoulders back. It’s completely painless which is why I didn’t notice it until I saw it in the mirror. I have one on the other side too, but it isn’t as profound. I think it’s a muscle I’ve been unknowingly developing over the past three months from doing an exercise wrong because my mind to muscle connection is poor. Looking for advice on what I’m doing wrong and tips on developing mind muscle connection. Also confirmation that it’s actually a muscle and nothing to worry about.

Can upload pics if needed.

For this particular circumstance, they’re needed.

One of these? If so which line? Top middle or bottom


Now that we know where, I’m sure someone will be along shortly to help. I am not qualified.

Must resist the urge…

In all seriousness your good… looks like regular muscle development in the area


I think you’re talking about your “Teres Major.”

It’s a muscle sort of below your rear delt and above your lat. It works with some other muscles (4 muscles make up your rotator cuff) to keep your shoulder in position and it works with your lats to pull your arm towards your ribs(like in a pull-up).

It’s really, really common for dudes to use lots of Teres when they are trying to do moves for their lats. It’s not “bad,” you’ve got to develop that muscle too. It just means you’ve got some work to do! If you make your rear delts and lats bulge out more, your Teres won’t stick out so much.


Awesome thanks. Work on rear delts and lats. Got it.

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