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Training 2x Per Day?


has anyone ever done this?
say in the morning you do dynamic/max effort upper/lower and then in the afternoon you come in and do some conditioning work for 20 - 30 minutes?


Yes I've done it. No, I wouldn't recommend it.


Yes, i've done it. I dont see anything wrong with it provided you actually take care of your workout nutrition and soft tissue needs. I dont know why people think it can't be done, it can be done perfectly well if you work into it slowly. If it couldn't be done we'd have no top level athletes doing it every day--oh wait, we do.

And it's not that hard to do if you have the time, depending on what you call "conditioning work". Your numbers take a dive in the first few weeks as you get accustomed to the additional work volume, but they will rebound shortly if you a) take it slow to work into the extra conditioning stuff and b) take care of mobility/soft tissue and WORKOUT NUTRITION.

My .02


Lot of spare time on my hands at the moment. I'm starting twice daily training today, kind of my own version of Waterbury's total body split training.


I'm starting a twice a day experiment right now. I'm not adding any volume, just splitting it in half. Heavy 6-8 range compounds in the morning, then 8-12 rep isolation work in the evening. I think it's important to resist the temptation to turn it into two FULL sessions every day.

Now, it helps that I have two gym memberships, and one of them is located a one minute walk from my apartment. If getting to and from the gym was a hassle at all, I wouldn't do it. Also I'm currently working in my apartment, so I'm not really using a lot of extra time here. I figure why not give this a go and see if my gains improve, seeing as the conditions are favorable.

x2 on the soft tissue work and workout nutrition. And stretching.


Oh fuck I didn't even see this was posted in powerlifting :slight_smile:

I'm doing this for bodybuilding purposes.


Ditto, sorry.


^hey bodybuilders!

nah jk, yall arent so bad.

Regarding the OP, I have started doin cardio in the morning, then training in the afternoon in an effort to shave off some unhealthy pounds. It can definitely be done.


2x day training works great when the volume and intensity are managed properly, and I believe I've heard it reccomended for Sheiko style training.

I also like it for assistance work when doing full body splits. For example:
M: Squat and bench, PM: Assistance
W: Bench and deadlift PM: Assistance
F: Light squat and bench PM: assistance


can be done, but really not necessary


I don't know of anyone who is really strong that actually does this...except for those crazy fuckers out in Las Vegas...

Am I right?


In louie simmons DVDs he says that some come back for an extra workout in the afternoonand in an interview with TNation louie said " i workout 13 times a week to keep up with my westside buddies"


If I remember correctly, Tim had done this for benching sessions with Vadim et al to bring their benches up. I sorta have a feeling the rest of Team Force is experimenting with doing the same thing with the other lifts.


Then obviously I was mistaken...I just see this more in a bodybuilding context than a strength context...I don't really like the idea still though haha!


Yeah, louie says he's done some form of it numerous times, so have many of the westside guys, and so do olympic lifters (while the sport is very different from PL, I would still qualify these guys as both "strength sports" vs bbing, and "really strong guys").

It's a definite time drain. But it works. Also I have done it in the past and also seen great results. Bur yeah, you really have to break into it gradually, as well as also manage loading and soft tissue, nutrition etc.

Also for the record, I consider moderately heavy to very heavy sled work as a training session, although I was not doing any of that the first time I trained 2x day.


I've made my best gains when I've had the time, energy, etc... to train twice a day. The usual max effort / dynamic stuff in the morning, with complementary GPP, and / or prehab at night. I.E. Bench in the morning, backwards sled dragging with the upper body, and some rotator work at night. Progress like crazy until other things start sapping your time / energy, and than it's best to get back to once a day.