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training 2x daily

Does anyone have any information on training twice a day? I have had a GYM membership for about 1 1/2 years and just recently bought a home GYM setup (I won’t disclose the manufacture but lets say it is good and varied). I want to use the home GYM in the morning and the GYM itself in the evening. Basically I have been using variations in free-weights, hammer machines, and pulley systems. This home GYM may replace everything except for the free-weights and cardio equipment. How could I split a workout in two that would fit this setup at least 4x a week. This may sound like over-kill, is it? I have been going 4x a week only once a day in the seven day split, but recently it has not been enough. I began to go every day and it seemed to be fine for a bit until I noticed I wasn’t getting enough rest after about 6 days. My energy was fine but my recovery started to wain a bit. I was thinking of trying out a 3-1-1-2 split. Three days on 2x a day. Then 1 day off followed by 1 day 2x again. Lastly 2 days off. The first three days would include an intelligent separation of each major muscle group into morning and night (8-12 reps, 3-4 sets, 2-3 variations on angle per group). Then the last solitary day will be 2x 1 rep max on all desired major muscle goups to maintain a large pump through the whole week and to help increase the volume done on the 1st 3 days. Diet will be controled and balanced 5 days in the middle of the week, and on the weekend I will have a cheat meal or two… or three depending on how much I killed myself through the week.