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Training 2x a Day

I am getting ready to do a cycle–400mg of primo a week (with 1000mg start on day one) and 50 mg of winstrol depot every other day (with a 100 mg start on day one) for a six week long cycle. Does it make sense to train twice a day, following Poliquin’s protocols–same body part a day, lift heavy in the morning and high reps in evening, 4-6 hours in between workouts, etc. I would only do this for two weeks and then back off to one workout a day for the third week and then repeat for the remainder of the cycle. I am currently 6’, 195 pounds at about 8% body fat. What do you guys think? Thanks

Anyone? Just an addition, I am 25 years old, have been training for 5 years now and have my diet dialed in and just want to maximize my results of my cycle. I am in a unique position with my job right now where I can take the extra time to train 2x a day. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.

Also, your workouts should be short, like 45 minutes followed by post workout shake after each according to Poliquin. Sounds like a decent plan, although I personally wouldn’t repeat the twice a day thing so soon (after only one week of normal training.)

I always work out 2x a day during weekdays. I haven’t tried the Poliquin thing where you work same body part, but sometimes i will do chest in am and tris in pm, antagonistic muscle groups such as back in am and chest in pm, or just set one of the workouts aside for stuff such as abs, forearms, calves. I think that my results are probably a little better than if i worked out 1x a day because i am not working out any longer than usual, it is just split up into 2 workouts so i can stay focused and have plenty of energy for each workout. make sure you keep your diet good. the primo should help too. as long as you don’t do long full workouts each time and keep the volume reasonable i believe you should be allright as far as overtraining is concerned. also, about the poloquin thing, i believe that is made to really take advantage of the nervous system by going heavy and then light. i don’t know too much about how the nervous system recovers, but i know it takes longer than muscular system so i am not sure if doing that everyday for a couple of weeks would lead to overtraining or not in that since. hope this helps and good luck. - Nic

I was thinking of trying the same thing. I need to maximize my strength and weight gains at the same time. I was only wondering if it matters if you go high reps in the morning and heavy at night. Does it make a difference?

i think you should stick with the heavy before light because you will be able to do more weight for the light because of the effect it has on the nervous system

I agree with Nic. If you do high reps first, I think your body and nervous system will be too tired to be maximize effectiveness of the low rep training. My workouts were going to be 40 minutes max. Just enough time to perform wave loading for maximal strength in the morning (9 sets with 4 minutes rest between) and 12 sets per body part for the high rep evening workouts (approx 2 minutes rest in between sets with sets lasting about 60 seconds). I find I am the most motivated when workouts are short and intense, even if they are done twice in a day.

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