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Training 2 Hours Before Bed


hey T-Nation. I have a bit of a dilemma. I am currently bulking and because of school and studying i start lifting around 7 and finish by 8-815 maybe later if i start later. After my workout i take 2 scoops of Surge. 45 minutes later i eat 12-16 oz of 85/15 beef and some veggies. thats about 900 cals. After i eat its about 930 or so and i get to bed by 10-1030.

My question is will this effect my goal of bulking? I am currently 170 pounds at a high bodyfat and eating 3500-4000 cals a day. Is the 8 hour fast going to alter my progress? Should i eat more before bed or am i doing things the right way?



I wouldn't say anything is wrong with this at all. Just make sure you're eating throughout the day and getting your calories in. If you aren't gaining weight then eat more, you could add a source of carbs to that meal.


i am gaining some steady weight which is a good sign. Don't really feel carbs are necessary in my last meal because of the 50 gs of sugary carbs PWO. Do you feel i need them to grow? kind if reluctant because im on the chubby side already.


If you're gaining steady weight without adding too much fat then don't fix what's not broke. When your gains stall you will have to change something to start gaining again, that may come in the form of some added carbs but right now I wouldn't suggest changing.


I agree, if your daily macro nutrient levels are good, there's no problem with what you're doing. I train 3 hours before bed, so I just make sure I get enough food before, during the day, since I can't 'correct' with a huge meal later.


Sorry for going off-topic, but I didn't want to dedicate a thread to a quick question. I'm currently doing two a days, and I just finished My first leg workout (power lifts in the first session, isolation lifts in the second) I'm wondering if a hot tub between sessions would be detrimental to my second session.


Personally I can't train that late. Heavy Squats/Deadlifts and I'll be amped for hours sometimes, not able to sleep. Not to mention early morning workouts are great for stimulating my appetite throughout the day.

But, if its the only time to train, then it's better than not training. Plus you're making gains, so keep at it. Main thing is keeping your overall calories consumed daily above maintenance, as you are.



I do about the same thing. Except I usually have a protein shake before bad.


thanks for all your help guys!