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Training 2 Days a Week


Hey Paul, following your work for a while, wanted to ask a question. What is the best balanced overall program for training 2 x a week? I work not set hours and want to get back into training for strength/size and conditioning. My job is physically demanding at times and the shifts rotate. I know training 2 x a week would help with my recovery and time schedule. Any advice will help.


Here you go.


try out full body and keep the rest days the same. do a volume and an intensity day.


That looks pretty solid! Is’nt it lacking upperback/back work? Need my shoulders to be as stable as possible with my job.


You could always do some band pull aparts every morning or evening. 100 each off-day wouldn’t break the program, I’m sure.


Program looks great, just wondering why the push:pull ratio is more push centric


It’s not. It’s split pretty evenly.


For an ”old Worn out guy” Will the https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/full-body-training-for-advanced-lifters , work to, as a 2 day a Week program? I’m unable to Squat-deadlift and benchpress at the moment. And I can not train that heavy. But i really like the above program and the performance training are easier on my joints./Rgds B. Nilsson


This will absolutely work. 100%




Forgott to say, it feels like the best and smartest whole body program I ever tried👍


Thank you man, I appreciate that! Keep giving the feedback on it for me.