Training 2 Days a Week, Same Main and Supplemental Lift on One Day

Jim has written a bunch of templates that focus on lifting 2 days a week. Most of these templates have 2 lifts per day (squat/bench and deadlift/press) or use the main lift with the opposite supplemental (bench + press, squat + dead, and so on).

There are a couple of templates that have a lifterndo the main lift(s) once every 14th day. Think of 531 for mma (krypteia option), effective training for busy men and the likes.

Has anyone in this group used the same lift (thus doing a lift every 14 days) with succes? If so, could you elaborate on your experience? I imagine it could work great especially with full body assistance work, but I’m on the fence about trying it.

Lifting is my GPP for boxing.
Due to covid my gym has a 45 minute time slot.
Not against doing 2 main lifts a day, just looking for opinions.

I have done the every 14 day type of routine and it worked fine. The workouts would make me more sore than other routines because of the long gap between lifts, but it worked.

On the week in between I sometimes included assistance that was similar to the lift not being done that week, such as push-ups during the week I was not benching for example.

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Once a fortnight, and under 45 minute workouts, and doing boxing?

I haven’t tried what you’re talking about, but I have boxed amateur and lifted weights. I’d be worried about being really sore from those workouts and possibly injuring myself. But I was a very injury prone boxer. Maybe you’re one of those guys that can go full retard and not get injured.

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@wfd Thanks for your reply! I was thining the same, on days I don’t bench, I’d do dips/pushups/presses, same for the other 3 lifts.

@oscare thanks for the reply!

I can get away with it, but that’s also due to the idea that I want to do full body (ish) assistance every day. On squat day I’d add dips/chins/lower back work (and pullaparts, but I don’t count those).

The only injury that keeps nagging me is my thumb. But such is life.

Let us know how it goes. I know someone who’d like to train like this.

@oscare If I remember I’ll report back in like 2 months or so! Not enough to see a full cycle, but good enough to judge soreness, mood, general training experience.

Lilliebridges also do a lift every 14 days, but they do tons of assistance work for everything so as far as muscle protein synthesis goes, its all covered.
You dont need to deadlift to actually grow your deadlift, right? Lots of pros do heavy lifts once a week, once every 10 days or even 14 days like Lilliebridges i mentioned.

Not sure tho how fullbody assistance might help if your problem is limited time tho. Lilliebridge method takes up to 2 hours, even tho the basic lift is only once every 14 days.

That’d probably be too much as it’s GPP for his boxing he’s lifting for, in terms of assistance and 2 hours sessions.

Saying that I beleive it depends on the lift. For instance, I have to do a squat variation at least once, ideally twice a week because otherwise I fall out of the groove my squat mechanics suck lol. They don’t have to and shouldn’t all be heavy.

But I can deadlift once a week or even do 1 heavy and 1 speed session in the space of 14 days, and I never lose groove.

This seems counterintuitive because the lift your body sucks at mechanically is usually the one you recover from harder, but if you manage the load, volume, intensity, all you are doing is staying in your groove, therefore mitigating risk of injury. If you have reoccurring pains because of the higher frequency, the style or form of movement doesn’t suit your body.

So to answer OPs question, when I had to cut my training days because of inhuman working hours, my focus was on practicing the movement I suck at with more frequency and lower intensity, and the ones I am good at took care of themselves even with less attention as long as I followed the progression plan, as my body is built better for those.

As there is boxing to recover from as well, be picky with the assistance work, find out if you recover better from volume or intensity, or what combination of the 2. Focus on weaknesses and balance.
Hope this helps.

@hankthetank89 Thanks for your reply!

I picked full body assistance because it’s standard forever programming. But also; let’s say I do Squats with 5’s pro and fsl, doing dips and/or chins between sets will greatly reduce ‘wasted time’ during training. So I hope to get in- and out in 45 minutes.

Can be done for sure, especially if you’re intelligent with assistance weight/intensity. I’m sorta toying with this setup for the summer with 2 days lifting and 2 days strongman-ish stuff.

This is a thing that Wendler uses, but we have loads of new research in exercise science that states you will gain more strenght and muscle IF you rest MORE. So, doing something in between, could take away from your squats.

Then there is a question - how does your boxing training look? I dont know much about boxing, but i do Muay Thai and MMA myself, alongside with teaching hand to hand combat for my countries air forces and in here we do have a lot of bodyweight stuff in our training… so out of 90min class, we will have at least 30mins of sprints, pushups, burpees, shadowboxing with sprawls, breakfalls and getting back on the feet, etc… I always count that stuff ALSO as my assistance.
If your classes look somewhat like that, maybe you dont need to do dips and shit at all? And you can just end your boxing session and do 5x10 pullups or whatever amount you want and call it a day, and focus only on STRENGHT building in the gym?

Im just thinking out loud. I remember when i had fighting trainings twice a day, i didnt do any extra shit because sometimes we have LOTS of bodyweight or medball physical crap in every class.

As an instructor, i would never suggest my guys to do dips and chins in the gym. We will be doing enough full body bodyweight stuff in every class, so i would rather my guys do BIG 4 531 pyramid and maybe 2-3 sets of 10 of some assistance to the same lift, like do 531 pyramid bench followed by 3 sets 5 of FSL pause-bench or floor press, ir 531 pyramid deadlift followed by 3x10 of goodmornings.


Just interested; How do you balance 531 and strongman?


Hmm. I always read it as; could take away from your next set(s) due to decreased volume. I personally just try to tet the work in and keep my training going, even if it’s 80% of optimal.

My boxing classes are a mixed bag, some days there’s ab work/pushups till we drop. Sometimes we just do technique drills, generally speaking. We do a lot of conditioning/bodyweight stuff 3 days a week.

So; Doing 5’s pro fsl with 50-100 assistance reps wil generally look like;

50 push, generally light work (dips, pushups).
100 pull for rows and chins, maybe some bicep work for elbow health.
50-100 sl/c, generally used for swings, kb snatch, LOWER BACK or just some split squats.

It will work out I guess. At this time with the limited gym time we have using 2 big racks/machines/whatever is very much frowned upon. Supersetting squats with chins/dips or press with rows /ab work nobody seems to care about, but using a rack for squats and a bench for pressing? You’re going to spend more time having arguments than training, sucks balls.

So far 5/3/1 has always taken precedence over other work and I think that’s why I’ve done OK. I know better than to try 4 days of 5/3/1 and 2 days of strongman stuff. I mostly use it as GPP and think of it as something to help my lifting. I don’t know if I’ll ever get enough of a bug up my ass to prioritize strongman over lifting.

My upcoming cycle will be 2 days of 5/3/1 and at least 1 day of strongman and 1 day of cardio. Toying with 2 days lifting and 2 days of strongman (40 minutes) followed by 20 minutes of cardio. Strongman will be sandbag work (“stone” loading onto truck’s tailgate, shouldering, carries) and sled work. Cardio will be sprints or jogs.

I like training in a similar manner. Full-body days with 1 main movement and some supplementals afterwards is a great way to train.

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