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Training 2 Consecutive Days Per Week

It looks like I’m going to train 5/3/1 on Saturday and Sunday. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to train with a barbell during the working week. I do have kettlebells at home to fit in a third or fourth training session during the week though.

My question is, has anything else been written about weekend only training since the 2012 T Nation article ‘Busy Guy Training’?

I was doing 4 in a row and it sucked by day 4. But got threw it

I trained weekend only a long time ago, very similar to that weekend busy man template you speak of. I was at my strongest and biggest ever. It works wonders if that’s the goal because I could spend more time / the working week focussing on sleep, stretching and eating loads. So I advise, just do that template and reap the benefits.

Reiterating what was said above: my schedule only allows me to train on my weekend, so I do 3 days in a row. So far, no issues.

Use the days you can’t train to focus on recovery, if possible: stretching, mobility, foam rolling/massage, hot/cold soaks if you need it, good food and sleep.

No experience myself, but loads of people got good results doing the busy man ‘template’ and/or doing a 4 day template over 2 weekends (weekend 1; AB, weekend 2 CD).

You could alao try doing 2 days of bb lifting & do some bw assistance during the week.

Page 78 of “5/3/1 Second Edition” is basically the information you are looking for. Jim wrote the template for Monday and Wednesday or Thursday, but if the only option is to barbell train on the weekends, you work with what you have, give the 5/3/1 program an honest effort, follow Jim’s principles, and make progress. That is how I’ve been training since mid May because I haven’t had much time during the week and I’m physically too tired and weak after I get home from work to consistently have decent barbell workouts. So far it’s been working well!

Lower and upper days are still split, so excessive spinal loading is not an issue if you have at least a little training experience and you are able to plan assistance exercises accordingly. I’m using the squat, bench, deadlift, and push press for the main lifts. All my lower body sessions begin with power cleans because they warm me up well, I enjoy them, my technique sucks and I need the practice. All upper body days begin with light to moderate behind the neck presses because I tore a rotator cuff 13 years ago and the PBN has probably helped strengthen and stabilize my shoulder better than any other exercise.

Mid week, I usually throw in some rear delt or rotator cuff work and my shoulder feels good as long as I keep up with this. Walking lunges are another important part of my mid week routine. They seem to help keep my lower back happy. And barefoot calf raises help strengthen and reduce discomfort in my feet. I suspect one reason my feet are weak is from wearing boots with a shank for work all week. A lot of my conditioning comes at work: climbing trees, dragging brush, carrying wood, working on steep hills, etc, but I get some running and jumping in when I can. That is what I do and why I do it. Hope that helps!

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That’s brilliant! Thanks!

I have all the books, so I’ll check it out.

Looking forward to building some strength after some time out.

I re-read p78 as my own training is changing due to circumstance.

The worry about that template is that Sundays performance would be affected by Saturday. To get around this you could place the lifts you are least concerned about on Sunday. Or, you could set up a system where you do 531 for two lifts on Saturday and supplemental work on Sunday for the other two, and swop them each week. E.g

Bench & squat 531+ wm

Sunday (no pr sets)
Deadlift BBB

Next Saturday
Deadlift & ohp 531+wm…

With midweek chins, dips, Kettlebell work you could set it up to be easy on your joints. That’s my 2p as I know I’d get in my own head as to whether Saturday was to much or too little.