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Training 15 Months, Arms are an Inch Smaller?

Hi all, as the title says. I’ve not gained but lost size. what gives? I eat as much as I can, train as hard as I can. I have nothing to show!

I’ve just done a 1 month frequency training( article on here), I did 8 to 10 chins every night for four weeks.

All I see in the mirror is a pair of boobs and a saggy gut for my effort.


PS I’ve had 1 week of no training, to see if anything changes.


You’re going to have a tough time getting feedback here without posting at least your routine and calorie intake. From your original post, it sounds like you’ve only done chin-ups for 4 weeks.


Monday Tris and Chest
Incline Bench 3X 8
Close Grip Bench 3X 8
Flat Bench 3X 8
Skull Crushers 3x 8 ( Standing or Lying-I can’t do either?)
Dumbell Decline Bench Press 3X 8
Dumbell Kickback 3X 8
Dumbell Flyes 3X 8

Wednesday Biceps and Back
Barbell Row 3X 8
Barbell Curl 3X 8( Have to drop the weight to about a third?)
Under hand Bentover row 3X 8
Incline Dumbell Curls 3X 8
One arm Dumbell row 3X 8
Reverse hand Barbell Curl 3X 8
T Bar row 3X 8

Friday Legs and Delts.
Which is as follows

Squat 5X 10.8,6,4,4
Lateral Raise3X 8
Toe Raise4X 15 (Toes straight,in, out, straight)
Bent Over Lateral Raise 3X 8
Lunge or Leg Extension3X 8
Military Press 3X 8
Deadlift 3X 8

This is my recent workout. I can’t give an accurate food Log, because I can’t always keep a good diet routine. I have 6 of us to feed in my family. I have 3 300ml shakes of protein through the day. I take L Leucine 3 grams twice daily. And was told by a power lifter friend, whose routine it is, ( designed for me), said just eat 3 bowls of Porridge Oats a day as well as anything else. Recession is hiting hard still, and we have a fair bit of debt to cover.

I know diet is important, I’m not looking to be a bodybuilder, I enjoy lifting weight, just don’t understand why no size increase. Somone on this Forum said not to stop training if I had no food, it just takes longer to grow. My Picture shows me last year in July, I still look the same.


[quote]mikee55 wrote:
I can’t give an accurate food Log, because I can’t always keep a good diet routine.

Problem #1: If you don’t track your daily calories and macros, and are unable to keep a good diet routine, this very well is what is holding you back from growing. It takes a lot of food to build and feed muscle.

Problem #2: You have a lot of stress in your life, that is probably wrecking havoc with your recovery. But porridge oats are good for carbs and fiber.

Once you’re over 35, diet becomes an important factor in gaining mass, and is a factor you can control, unlike stress and lack of sleep.

Your lifting routine has a lot of volume, and you can’t recover unless your diet, stress and sleep improve. Since most of us have max. stress and min. sleep, diet is crucial. Feeding a large family on a small budget is a challenge, but it can be done. However, you need to research some fundamentals of nutrition (plenty of articles here to search) then you need to shop smartly, buy on sale and in bulk, take advantage of store sales, etc. It will take time at first to plan and cook, but eventually, it will become a routine that you and your family will benefit from.

Best of luck.