Trainig Diet

Hi, I just want that someone give me a Diet for my training. My goal its to gains mass and weight and I take Fuzu, ZMA and a Weight pouder. I want a diet over 2,000 calories. So thanks you


It would be a real shame if you had to use the FAQ section at T-mag.

Would someone PLEASE start something for these newbies.

Would you like us to teach you how to chew and swallow, too? If you’re taking a “weight pouder” and you can’t get at least 2,000 calories, then you probably aren’t eating anything else. Do a search for the “Diet Manifesto” and read everything on this site.

It’s already been started. Check out the T-Mag FAQ.

(…pointedly does not respond to this post because the poster obviously doesn’t care enough to proof what he’s written…)

Sure, I’ll give you a comprehensive, individualized diet and training program for $150.

I’ll do it for $149



ill do it for a doller

I’ll do it for four easy payments of $29.99.

(tumbleweed rolls by, hawk screams in the distance)

I hear ya.

$200 (I don’t think some of you guys are giving yourselves enough credit in the area of $$).

Here's why: individualized training program

Diet program that'll include cooking tips and a visit to the grocery store (most likely with Ko). Also, a complete "sample" dinner; of course, cooked by Ko.

Oh, and I'll throw in a nice "pin up" 8X10 photo of myself - as a nice li'l extra in the training packet. (Hey, gotta use that "feminine allure" when you can.....and it does help to know this stuff - I know that too, guys...).

I will pay you $10 to make ur training program! When can I start?

Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell him I'm going to turn him into a fat bastard!...$10 isn't that bad for a good laugh :-)