Traing program for woman

My wife does cardio…hard, 4 to 6 times a week and lifts weights 3 or 4 times a week. Her diet has greatly improved, but could still use a little work. She got sick of being fat and decided to truliy dedicated her life to taking care of herself and she’s lost 83 pounds in the last 18 months while adding some good muscle. She’s reached a bit of a plateau of late and is looking for a good program to get her back on track. I’ve been lifting for years, but I’m not too smart about what women need in a program. I would say she probably overtrains, but this is what got her here so she’s hesitant to back off

Any suggestions???


Any program at T-mag would be fine. See FAQ. Or have her just throw in some of the stuff in the Ian King Cheat Sheets article, just for a change of pace. She may even need to back off if she’s plateaued. Or add Methoxy-7. Lots of options but none really all that different than what a man would need.

I might suggest reducing some of the cardio and then following your program with weights (only using less weight). Women can do the same thing that men do, only usually they use less weight (but not always). By increasing her muscle, her cardio will become more efficient and therefore she won’t need as much of it. It does sound to me like she is doing way too much. Cardio 3 times a week is plenty, and the weights–depends what she is doing. If she does a whole body workout each time, she may want to divide up her body parts and work them separately, but more. I find the whole body workouts quite tiring once you get into lifting heavier weights.
By the way, her progress is fantastic! Congratulate her!

Agree with JT2, women don’t need to train differently or diet differently. It’s more based on individual. Also read up on Essential Berardi. Or any article by John Berardi.