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Trainers Used


something lately thats been getting more attention IMO is the trainers which the body builders have been using -
charles glass - seems to be one of the best
dave palumbo - Muscular developement seemed to be on his nuts until he got fired
hany rambod - muscular developements new guru trainer

is hany just another flavour of the month or has he put in his time? I hadn't heard of him until recently, and it seems like MD have started lashing out at palumbo and his high protein, moderate fat low carb approach.

also I know flex wheeler is another trainer but can only think of 2-4 people he has trained


Well, Hany has been training Phil Heath for the last three years according to his website so you just know Josh is going to jump on his nuts as well considering how much he loves Heath :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems Hany is also working with Lee Priest for next year's competitions and Cutler for the Olympia?

My question to the group, how does a trainer at his level avoid conflicts of interest for his various clients competing in the same comp? I mean, I presume a trainer's responsibilities would include looking at the competition and assessing their strengths/weaknesses and tailoring your client's program/diet/posing accordingly. How does he do this when Cutler and Heath are competing for the same event?


i'd say its kind of like a certain supplement company that has a current mr O and another previous mr O, as long as they both place well it will improve his image.