Trainers in Boston?

I’m looking for a trainer for my 80-year-old father. He is in fine shape (for an 80 year old) – rides the treadmill every evening, lifts some light dumbells. He’s just joined a new gym (the treadmill and dumbells he has at home), but I don’t trust the trainers there; it’s a Boston Sports Club which, in my experience, means that one or two of them might be very good but the others will be complete morons. I’m looking for recommendations for a reputable independent trainer who is used to training older people.

I know most of us at T-Nation are fairly hardcore and that therefore most of the trainers we know tend to be fairly hardcore, but the kind of trainer I’d chose for myself is NOT the kind that would work for my father. It’s much more important that the trainer be knowledgeable and patient and easygoing and safety-conscious than that he/she have a track record of training competitive athletes. Can anybody give me some names?

Our very own derek is a PT, and from what he says about his workouts and clients, he’s a knowledgable bloke. I’m not sure if he works in Boston, but I think he’s close. Anyway, shoot him a PM and ask him: