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I’m in Calgary , Alberta and looking for a trainer . Its been several years since I was in a program .

Hey, there, mikeck. Welcome to T-Mag. Another first time poster!!! (grin)

Can I tell you that I started the iron game about one year and four months ago. Prior to that I had never lifted a weight or worked out in the gym. I read the articles, read the forum, read about different programs people were talking about here on T-Mag, experimented, make mistakes, asked questions and essentially figured it all out without ever hiring a PT. The articles are great. Thank God they have pictures! (grin)

Now I squat, deadlift, do pullups and dips and know the names of most of the exercises. What’s funny is that a year ago the PTs in the gym turned their noses up at me when I’d ask them if they had ever done a sumo deadlift (or knew what it was). Now the employees and some of the newer PTs ask me for advice on their diets and which exercises they should do for different lagging body parts.

Bottom line, you don’t need a PT. Save the money. Everything you need is here on T-Mag. *

  • Now watch me get eaten alive by all the PT-types here on the forum! (ducking & running very, very quickly out the virtual back door)

Hey, don’t knock all trainers. There are us guys out there that actually spend the time researching. And some people do need trainers…not everyone can just pick up the weight and go at it. You should see some of the people I train OMG…I have a lawyer that could do a massive 15 sec plank when we started training lol Not everyone is blessed with the capacity to understand the body and how it works, nor is everyone obsessive-compulsive about it like us good trainers :slight_smile: But yeah, try looking through T-Mag and start figuring things out. If you do decide to get a trainer, make sure you investigate them and see what they’ve done for others b4 you decide to go with them.