Trainer Re-Created The Colorado Experiment

Some these guys must have been non responders.
Sorry, I don’t kick me off. :cry:

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I clicked the link. Claims of putting on 8-15 lbs in a month,… when compared with all known scientific evidence of how quickly the human body can synthesize new muscle tissue tells me all I need to know (and already knew -lol)



WHY would you not have the people stand the same way if you’re going to do side by side comparison photos?

Especially in the 21st century, where we have cameras/phones that let you INSTANLTY look at the photo you took so you can realize and correct your mistake?


I see no difference between these photos, aside from their posture. They all somehow gained Invisible Lat Syndrome and the ability to flex weirdly.


There are some stark differences between the top picture and the bottom one.

Like a whole different person. Truly amazing!


Yep, unflexed vs flexed, typical social media bullshit

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Did they forget the after photos?

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Had a look at the Facebook page in question and its claimed they gained between 8-14 lbs (which I assume is gross scale weight). Strength went way up, which is probably the most impressive aspect.

The guy with the bandana transformed from “Just standin there…” to “said something negative about my favorite brewski” like Pow!





I wonder why outlandish claims like these seem to still get any traction at all in the modern era. There’s no excuse for believing nonsense like this in today’s world.


Yeah it’s just ludicrous to believe that some super special secret program is throwing on muscle and burning fat onto already trained populations in a matter of weeks. Drug free too!

Every single one of them looks like they have smaller legs…

The claims of weight gain are one thing, but it’s the “pure muscle gain” that’s nonsense. Saw another recent “experiment” on this forum where similar claims were made with a program, but the individual who supposedly experienced the muscle gain didn’t have his damn waist measurements included in the before and after body taping.

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Still the OG


and much better track record


I don’t know man. By the looks of that program, it looks like you need complicated equipment like a metal rod and disks with holes in them.

The Colorado Experiment just calls for those simple to use Nautilus machines that everyone has laying around.


Don’t forget the complicated math needed to calculate which disks to put on.

I’m pretty sure one of my professors has a paper as thick as a doorstop about this exact topic :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This 1,000 page work by what I would consider genius’ level authors (one of which was Bertrand Russell), is primarily about proving that 1+1=2. It has three volumes.

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Meanwhile, all those nautilus machines have all this figured out for the athlete!

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LOLLL!!! My thought exactly after the very first dude.

The very first guy’s right leg (no tattoo) is clearly “bigger” in the before picture, which tells you all you need to know.

Clearly, the assumption is no one will be looking at the legs, so they forgot to do the pose change thing with the legs.