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Trainer Needed

I’m 45 and began working out 10 months ago after getting disgusted by the amount of fat I had gained. I’ve been using a personal trainer at one of the national chains and have managed to drop fat and build a little muscle. Having “discovered” T-mag recently, I realize how much more I could improve if I could find a personal trainer with the kind of training knowledge the people writing the articles have. I would like to use a trainer to help me develop a tailored program that will take into account some “age-related” injuries I’m currently fighting. I’d also hope this person could lead me to a gym with people seriously wanting to train…as opposed to socializing and getting in the way of someone wanting to maximize their training time. So…do any of you know how I could find a “real” trainer in North Dallas? Any help would be much appreciated.

Have you talked to your trainer about what you want to do? It’s possible he’s on autopilot and has you on the standard beginner machine circuit, but could do better if you asked. Try telling him you want to work out a 3-day split (or whatever) using mostly free weights. Keep asking him to critique your form. Ask questions about the program like 'How do you think the leg press compares to free squats in developing functional strength?" or whatever is applicable to what he has you doing. If you keep reading T-mag, you’ll probably have lots to talk to him about. If he’s totally hopeless, look around your gym for a trainer who seems to be doing the kind of things you’re interested in. If you’re really ready to give up on your gym, look for a place that seems more hardcore, join it, and workout with the crowd while you look for the right trainer. Ask the owner for a referral or just keep your eyes open. Keep in mind that a good free-lance trainer might train at a number of places, including people’s homes, so might just come in once in awhile. If you see someone who looks competent, ask for his card and call & talk to him later.

Chris ,there doesn’t seem to be much of a response ,and I am in Australia so I can’t help you out,so all I can suggest is draw up a list of pertinent questions then jump on the ol’ alexander graham bell and ring around,just politely ask the trainers about their methodologies.You may want to visit different gyms in your area,sus out the atmosphere,a lot of the time they will also have business cards and flyers for trainers.
Most of the large gym chain trainers are not that great,a good trainer is not going to settle for the piddly hourly rate,plus the large gym chains are usually more concerned with signing on as many people possible,rather than your continued progress.

Hi Chris,

Don’t know of any trainers but I do know of some gyms in the Dallas area that are “hardcore” so you may want to chek them out or give’em a call and maybe they can help you out

Home of Champions 111 E. Saner Avenue, (214) 941-5744

This gym is located in Oak Cliff and is supposedly where Micheal Irvin works out when in town

DOUG'S GYM 2010-1/2 COMMERCE ST DALLAS TX 75200 214-742-3758

This place is nothing but “concrete and iron”

Hopefully you can find someone at one of those places. Hope that helps

Try www.issatrainer.com/

Make sure to ask the questions you have. Hopefully it will turn up something for you.

Chris- Contact me at cs@t-mag.com. I think I have a trainer for you.

Many thanks to all of you for your help. It is much appreciated.